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I recently got the humble bundle and I am trying to download the games. However the memory card is too full. Can anyone recommend a replacement sd card and the size I should buy. I assume they are easy to install? Also if anyone has any advice about if it's possible to transfer games between cards that would be much appreciated.

Please can anyone help? Thanks in advance.



If it's not a New 3DS, the SD card slot is either on the left or right side of the system, and is easy to get to. I have a 16 GB card and I might upgrade to a 32 eventually. 32 is the maximum size that is "officially supported by Ninty." You could always delete some games you're not playing to make room.

You can use a PC to copy data onto your new SD card, or you could probably just re-download anything onto it from the eShop.



Thank you. I am going to get a 32gb card today. I have a N3ds so I think I has to be a mirco sd.



Yes, the new systems use micro SD cards.


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All you need to do is copy the data from your current SD card to your new micro SD card. The 3DS data on the card is only readable by your console anyway, so there is no "transfer" procedure involved whatsoever.

I've had mine since launch (I've since upgraded to an N3DS) and I've never needed an SD card larger than 32GB, however, I have only a few games on my system, but approximately 270 games/apps installed, including every single demo released in the Australian eShop to date (and this doesn't factor in DLC, extra data, or the thousands of 3D photos that I've taken). I'm confident that I'll have enough memory until after the NX is released.

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