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Anyone who wishes to download pokedex 3d needs to do so soon, as it's out of the shop on Oct. 1st!

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

I don't know if I should get the update with all the Pokemon. It'll take up so much data...

Actually, the app already contains all the Pokémon from the start, they're actually 'unlocked' via spotpass rather than downloaded. Secondly, the update doesn't actually unlock all the Pokémon, it just allows them all to be received by wi-fi.


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When are we gonna get a real 3D RPG pokemon game for the 3DS

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CEOJumpMad wrote:

One step forward, and two step back Nintendo -_-

How exactly is that two steps behind? Mystery Dungeon fans have been waiting for a new entry into the series for a while, this should be refreshing. Were you referring to a main Pokemon game? I'm sure one of those will come in due time; I wouldn't be surprised if we got one sometime later on in 2013.

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Jumpman wrote:

Who hasn't downloaded Pokedex 3D?
That is the question.

people who dont like pokemon emphasis on self


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I'll end up picking up pro version at some point

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I deleted it. I like Pokemon and all, but I felt it was useless and took too much data.

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CEOJumpMad wrote:

When are we gonna get a real 3D RPG pokemon game for the 3DS

pokemon mystery dungeon a dungeon crawling rpg or do you just want a real real real pokemon rpg :3

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Pokedex 3D is okay,but I won't be buying the pro version when it comes out.

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