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There's a Summer Sale ongoing at Nintendo eShop for the 3DS in Japan and I thought I would share about it to all of you. USD are estimates.

Currently going on:

Sega's Rhythm Thief: 1080yen (10USD)
Sega's Sonic Generations: 2160yen (21USD)
Various Arc System Work's titles.

Upcoming on Aug 6:
One Piece Romance Dawn: 31USD (3076yen)
Toriko Ultimate Survival: 31USD (3076yen)

Upcoming on Aug 8:
Fire Emblem: Awakening : 35USD (3500yen)
Luigi Mansion 2: 35USD (3500yen)
Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds: 35USD (3500yen)
Kid Icarus 3DS: 35USD (3500yen)

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I would totally buy Rythem Thief

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Owning a jap 3ds, I could buy Thief R but musics are mid files (like band bros), so I'll pass.
However, I just bought 3 of 5 G-STyle games which are on sale (50%). Undead bowling, Alien on the run and Crazy contruction.


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