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So, fantastic news about Severed and Runbow pocket coming to 3DS, but what else is coming our way thats getting you excited? Here's my mini list to get things started, will update so feel free to contribute:

Starr Mazer...
portable space dandy, cant wait

Pixel Noir...

Noitu Love 2: Devolution...
go watch the trailer, its glorious

Hawaii Shakedown...
Looking like a huge upgrade of Retro City Rampage

River City Ransom (Ultimategamer132)...

Antipole DX (Ultimategamer132)...

Lifespeed (Fenrir6)...


80's Overdrive...

Heart Forth Alicia...
Gorgeous, I thought this had missed its 3DS stretch goal but according to an update in Dec 2015
"The game’s aspect ratio was changed from 4:3 to 15:9 (to match the Nintendo 3DS’ aspect ratio)."
Has there been official confirmation for the 3DS version? I cant seem to find anything definite online.

Hollow Knight...
Only confirmed for PC and Wii U but SURELY must be ported to N3DS at some point... equally gorgeous.

C-Wars... Taking forever, mixed reviews on steam but... 3DS version initially promised and pixel mecha looks groovy


VA-11 Hall-A...
The dev's want this on 3DS, just need help from someone to port it from the gamemaker engine

Axiom Verge... (?).... please let it happen please let it happen please let it happen...

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Don't forget River City Ransom, Antipole DX, and some boxing game whose name escapes me.

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But... River City Ransom isn't an indie as far as I know. Well, there's an indie project on kickstarter called River City Ransom Underground but the the coming for 3ds (River City: Tokyo Rumble) is from Million Corp.

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I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned but I'm hyped for Axiom Verge, sure it came out on PS4 like a year ago or something like that but it feels like it fits better on a Nintendo console especially with the lack of a proper Metroid game from Nintendo.


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@Grumblevolcano Axiom Verge is only for Wii U, though.

Another indie title I'm hyped for is Lifespeed, although it's gonna be a new 3DS exclusive.




@Ultimategamer132 I think Arc System Works is no more, and that the series became property of Million Corp.

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Would love to add "Ambition of the slimes"... if only for the name, alas its not confirmed for the west and published by Circle so not indie.

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