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I own Fire Emblem Fates. I bought some Fates DLCs on my old Nintendo 3DS. My brother broke my old Nintendo. I have a new 3DS (It looks like this: ) and I want to play the DLCs on my New Nintendo. I have the old Nintendo's SD card and the same Fates disk (I own a physical copy). Can someone please tell me how I can play again the DLCs? (I'm sorry if this question doesn't belong here. I'm new to this website and I have no idea how all this works).



You need to do a system transfer.

If you're unable to do it manually (your system is broken), then Nintendo should be able to unlink your NNID or eShop data (in case you didn't have an ID) and link it to the new system.

In short: contact Nintendo and tell them the situation in detail.

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You have to call Nintendo, they're super helpful and it took all of 20 minutes to get the request in.

They'll ask you a few questions about what happened to the old device and a few digital games you purchased (for security reasons). The next day I was able to sign into my New 3DS with my NNID and link it to the system. Once that was done, I was able to log into the eShop, go to the settings, and redownload my previous purchases.

It's not the most intuitive way and I'm sure Nintendo could make it more painless but it wasn't too inconvenient.

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