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Hey guys. I can take (Used but in good condition !!) new 3ds xl solgaleo lunala black edition or New Nintendo 2DS XL PokeBall EditionEach ~ $ 160. But I don't know which one would be better =(Can you tell me which one would be better and why ?



Personally never used the 3d on my 3DS so I'd probably go for the Pokeball Edition 2DS. My son actually has it and it does look pretty nice.



In 10 years time people are gonna be hankering after that sweet 3D novelty factor. Get the 3DS.

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Go get 3DS XL model.
Mine are 4 machines 3DS XL.
The 3D effect is the best novelty thing from 3DS that you might want to turn on when you have curiosity about 3D effect someday.

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I love the 2DS XL got it for my 2018 birthday and it's lost now but I'd recommend more if you don't care about the 3D aspect of the 3DS XL


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I still love the 3d on my New 3DS.

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The topic creator did say the 3DS was a NEW model.
That is an important distinction, as the New version made the 3D function far more enjoyable than the Old 3DS.
Old 3DS 3D is headache-inducing after like five minutes. New 3DS 3D was the... dare I say it... stability update to enhance the user experience... it needed. (using some kind of face motion-tracking tech, I hear)


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