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Hey everyone,
I offered a friend to try to fix his n3dsxl.
I didn't work, like completely didn't work. Didn't even turn on.
So I took the SDcard out, and it was completely empty.
I know there should be an OS on there. Can anybody tell me where to get these files, or even better can anyone provide me them ?

Thanks in advance.



The OS is not stored in the SD card. A functioning 3DS will create a file system in the SD card, but not the entire OS itself.

If your friends 3DS is not working I'd recommend contacting Nintendo or replacing it.

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It should turn on even without a SD card inserted. But as said before contact Nintendo support.



@JuliusS Sure I can provide you with them just post your email address where I can contact you at. After you wire me the money to the place provided I will send you a copy.

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