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I might give this game a second chance, just out of curiosity, how easier is the first boss compared to the second (the one in the demo)?

I hate when a good game has a bad demo, makes having them absolutely worthless really. Since the demos for Monster Hunter and Harmoknight were really bad, I still have no idea if I would actually enjoy them...

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The first boss really isn't that hard, but getting Gold can be challenging. By the time you get to the second boss the game has eased you in so I didn't feel that was really a problem.

I've actually been having trouble getting Gold on the bosses in general. I don't like how you have to be perfect and not miss a single note, especially compared to the rest of the game which is pretty forgiving. Overall I am enjoying the game a lot, it just takes time and practice to master those bosses.


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i hate how its only getting notes and pressing on enemies and instruments. the bosses are kinda broken and

6ch6ris6 wrote:

always had the feeling the game doesnt recognizes my buttonpressing.



ok Challenge Accepted!!! I'll post my high score here!!!!!!(I don't move on until I get the golden score)

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