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Hey I recently got a 3DS but flipnote isn't on the eshop and I found out you have to get on mynintendo but I missed that whole thing is there still a way to get it or no?



I have no idea about that, but Inchworm Animation just came out on 3ds. It's quite similar to flipnote

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@CaptainCat According to official sources, no, Flipnote is not available. Whether or not it's possible to acquire it through unofficial means, I have no idea.

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Flipnote was not ok when it came out, the online features were removed and crippled the software, A huge let down from nintendo. Inchworm animation blows it out of the water, it has online features to share, 3d effects, full color animation and sound options, so might as well get that for 5 bucks.

I had no clue how inchworm got through to nintendo after they announce they were not letting black films make more software a couple of years back, but Im glad they manage to produce a new inchworm for the 3ds.

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