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I decoded the Acient texts by myself this took a couple of hours so I hope you all enjoy and fine this useful ^^/

No. 000 Poem

A dragon neither white or black
Saw his future self
As no more then a caged beast
A dragon neither white nor black
Sang three songs of prophecy
So someday his soul might be released

No. 001 Prophecy of Sky

In the white light
A hand reached through
A double edge blade
Cuts your heart in two
Waking dreams fade away
Embrace the brand new day

No. 002 Prophecy of Land

Embrace the dark
You call home
Gaze upon an empty white throne
A legacy of lies
A familar disguise

No. 003 Prophecy of Depths

A burden heart
Sinks into the ground
A yeil falls away
Without a sound
Not day nor night
Wrong nor right
For truth and peace we fight

No. 004 Dragons and People 1

Once dragons fought against each other using humans as pawns
They empowered their pawns with drops of their own blood
In time the dragonblooded humans became royalty even as the dtagkns descended into beasthood

No. 005 Dragons and People 2

To escape madness the dragons threw off their mortal flesh and became ascended sprits
They left the world to humanity
For the few dragons who to remain

No. 006 Bloodline 1

The white prince and princess are born of Sameragi and Ikona
The black prince and princess are born of Garon and first prince with Katerina the second princess with a concubine and second prince with yet another and thrid princess with yet another stiff

No. 007 Bloodline 2

The child of light kidnapped in the dark is not of Nohr blood not a child of the Hoshidan king the thrid was born of the white queen and silent dragon Anankos is the true father

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