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I need help, I don't know which game to purchase and I only have enough money to buy one.
If I buy Fire Emblem Awakening then it'll be my first FE game. I wanted to start out the series and join in.
However, Ever Oasis looks really cool and the demo version was fun.




There might be a Fire Emblem demo and I would recommend checking that out before deciding. They both appear to be pretty different genres loosely under the RPG umbrella (I haven't played Ever Oasis) and its really up to you what type of game you want. Awakening is highly rated though and I love Fire Emblem. Ever Oasis seems to be a more laid-back cutesy game in contrast to Fire Emblem. Its really just up to you though. Which game you're going for. That FE game is old though so might be pretty cheap.

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@Baris Well, I need Ever Oasis to make that comparison so you could buy it for me and I can tell you which one is better

Both games have demos, so I recommend you to play them to see what you prefer (you already played one so you need to play FE). That being said, FE is on discount sometimes so I would wait for that, and Ever Oasis is quite new so I'm guessing it will be a while before it's price goes down, so in case you enjoy both equally, Ever Oasis seems as the betetr option since you won't find a better time to buy it.

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@SMEXIZELDAMAN I played FE for a few minutes on my friend's system, and it was really good. But Ever Oasis was equally as good. So I am torn between these two.



I was enjoying Echos until I became bored with it. There is not much to do in the game besides Story, A little exploration, and the same battle stuff over and over. Ever Oasis has so much to do with management and major emphasis on exploring, but combat seems watered down. (My Opinion)



Just get fire emblem then. If they are both equally good to you get fire emblem bc that game should be cheaper (and I have seen Nintendo do eShop sales for it). Then you can get Ever Oasis down the road when that is cheaper too and save some money.

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Play each demo to see what you prefer. They're pretty different games despite both being RPGs, so it's hard to compare directly. After the EO demo, I'd prefer FE even if I find it to be one my least favorite FE titles. Same goes for Fates.


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Ever Oasis.
The game is out now.
You can find at your local gameshop.

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I say if your looking for turn based strategy and a decent enough story grab FE. If you want a free roam game with a similar feel to fantasy life go with ever oasis. Either way I think you will have fun!

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Fire Emblem Awakening not only saved the series from ending, but made it almost a household name outside of Japan for the first time. I will say I am biased in it's favor, but it is an excellent game.

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