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Does somebody have news about two Dragon Quest Games so shall come out for 3DS?
I'm really exited for at we Get Dragon Quest for 3DS.



They are coming this year, but no date was given. Here is some footage:

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Thank you very much for your reply and for the footage.
I hope two Dragon Quest Games for 3DS come out soon.



I think their current position was DQ7 in Q3 and DQ8 in Q4.

I'm super excited for these too. Especially DQ8 as I've never played it and always wanted to (but can't be bothered to play on PS2)

I don't really see why DQ8 is taking longer exactly though. They already have the 3DS port and they already have the english translation. Not sure what else could be taking all this extra time.

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I know Why it take long time for them to released DQ8.
The reason Why it take long time for they to released DQ8 it's becaus DQ8 have alot Of new feacture so DQ8 for PS2 didn't have and not only that but they much check at everything beside translation are okay.



Hmm well hopefully they'll announce exact release dates at E3! DQVII looks really good.

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When does E3 starts? And I hope so to:-)


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