Topic: Does the Vita still get new games?

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Even though Sony stopped making games for the Vita in 2015, it still has a bit of third party support and still gets new games even in 2019. Although the 3ds has sold about 5 times the amount that vita's sold it looks like we might have had the last 3ds game. Why is this when the install base is so much bigger. I love my 3ds, its one of my favourite systems, i just dont understand why third parties dont support it in a similar way to the vita? The 3ds install base is bigger but I'm guessing the demographics third parties are going after are different between the two systems.

I think when people say the vita is a failure and is dead, they ignore the fact that its still getting support.

What are your thoughts?



That’s like saying the Wii isn’t dead because Just Dance keeps releasing on it. Didn’t hardware production of the Vita end already?


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@BongoBongo123 Most Vita games released recently have been very niche titles from very niche developers. It isn't as though Vita is still getting major releases. 3DS likely will still see a few more 3rd party titles. However Nintendo and Sony probably handle the publishing of games on their platforms differently.

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