Topic: Do I need ORAS/XY to put RBY Pokes in Bank?

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My save data for ORAS & XY is deleted and Pokemon Bank won't let me see my stored Pokemon without any save data. I want to download Yellow, but not if I can't transfer my 'mons. I can't seem to find this answer anywhere.

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I think the transfer from RBY hasn't been implemented yet. Once they update Pokemon Bank to accept those Pokemon games, it should work.

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You should only need Sun or Moon to transfer your RBY Pokemon. From the sounds of things, you may not even be able to transfer them to XY or ORAS anyway.


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You can only transfer R/B/Y Pokémon to Sun and Moon when they are released later this year. You won't be able to send them X/Y/OR/AS.

While nothing has been announced yet, I assume that the R/B/Y transferred Pokémon will have unique stats that will not be possible to send back to the Gen VI games. Time will tell.

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