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As written in the title, I can't turn off parental controls even though I know the PIN as when i try to Clear Settings by the button in Parental Controls' setting I get this error message:
"The necessary data is missing. With the internet connected, please wait with the HOME Menu open, without activating Sleep Mode. Then try selecting Clear Settings."
I've tried to do so but nothing changes.
If i turn manually off each setting there are some which automatically stay on so I must turn it off through this button but i keep receiving this message.
What should I do?



I am having this same problem cant find solution anywhere



@BryanWhite I think the parental controls might only be changeable in your Nintendo account on Try signing in there and check parental settings.

That's how it is with eshop region. You can change your region on the Switch, but it had no affect on your eshop. Eshop region settings are tied to your account. So you've got to sign in online to change things.

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