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As a Winner of one of the SteamWorld Heist Ambassador contests I received two extra NA Region 3DS codes to give to my friends today. Now the problem is I don't have any Friends. Now I can't just let these go to waste and Nintendo life users seem to be a friendly enough lot,So Who wants one?
Just go ahead ask and tell me how to contact you.

Just one thing, you can't talk about the game before it's released.

" — UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 15:00 UTC, DECEMBER 9, 2015 — let's keep a lid on imagery etc from the game until the embargo date/time, so review sites etc don't start sulking.
There are some rules, because rules are cool:
Please refrain from publishing reviews / previews / capture footage / playthroughs / livestreams of SteamWorld Heist before the embargo date/time (above). . "

I'll be checking back here in a couple of hours and if a lot of people respond I'll probably just pick someone at random,so it's not just first come first serve.

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I wouldn't mind having one, though sadly I can't offer you anything in return haha. You can private message on my backloggery if you pick me for some reason.

I'm not lazy! ...I'm just very forgetful. :|

3DS Friend Code: 1177-9364-2530 | Nintendo Network ID: MerchantAnna | Twitter:

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