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As we near the end of the 3DS lifecycle, I thought it would be nice for newcomers to see which games standout in terms of entertainment value. I also hope to use this to gauge future purchases.
So without futher ado - what are your top 10 games in your activity log, by playtime?

1. Pokemon X (175:15)
2. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (57:44)
3. Resident Evil: Revelations (54:49)
4. Pokemon Moon (54:24)
5: Pokemon Y (39:20)
6. Super Smash Bros (20:26)
7. Pokemon Conquest [ds] (20:20)
8. Ocarina of Time 3D (16:57)
9. Streetpass Mii Plaza (15:10)
10. Scrabble (10:17)

I did omit the web browser, camera, and download play from the list. All would have placed in the top 10.

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