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I am the mum of an avid gamer & have very limited knowledge of the 3ds etc.

My daughter loves her 3ds & plays with it daily. She has had it for approx 5 years & therefore we are now encountering problems with buttons & battery issues.
She is autistic & doesn't like change. She has a 3ds XL which she hardly uses as she loves her original device.
My problem is one of the buttons at the top ( RIGHT ) button is only working intermittently & her battery charge is lasting less & less. Last night the battery " bulged " through the casing - so now we need to desperately get it serviced.
I have arranged to post it to Nintendo UK for a service. My problem is I don't understand what is saved on the device & if it gets lost what will be gone forever.
My daughter has tried to tell me what she fears will be lost but I just don't understand - argh.

All her games have a physical cartridge except Animal Crossing which was down loaded. I believe she has this saved on a SD card ( but I'm not totally sure ) - when I ask her to clarify stuff she gets super anxious regarding losing data - so I thought I'd try here.
I wondered about transferring everything onto her newer 3DS XL & then transferring it back again once her device is ( hopefully ) mended. Is this possible ?
Sorry if I've been vague or have not made sense ūüė¨ - it all goes over my head I'm afraid.

Ta Jane



Assuming both systems are of the same "generation" (both with or without a "new" in the name, "new" systems have more buttons), then you should be able to transfer things back and forth.

In the case of systems in a different generation, you can transfer things from an original non-"new" system to a "new" system, but not the other way around.

Do remember to switch the sd cards after the transfer, not before, or you may lose the data.

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