Mario Bros. Music
Image: Nintendo Life

One of the most important aspects of any game, in this writer's opinion, is the music. We've all been there: you might be stepping onto a new island in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker or floating through 'Space Junk Galaxy' in Super Mario Galaxy when a new music score plays in the background and completely stops you in your tracks.

An exceptional music track can stick with you for years; it anchors us to our past, reminds us of simpler times, and — perhaps more than anything — gives us a remarkable feeling of attachment to certain video games or franchises. Can you imagine walking around Pokémon Red and Blue's Pallet Town without that iconic soothing theme tune in the background? What about 'Jungle Hijinxs' from Donkey Kong Country? Why, that level would be infinitely less memorably without that head-bobbing rhythmic beat!

What we'd like to know, however, is which music track is the very best one? We'd like your help with this one, folks: pop a comment down below with your favourite music track from a Nintendo title. Later this week, we'll compile together as many as we're able to and run a poll to determine which one comes out on top.

A few things to remember when commenting with your choice:

  • We're looking for single tracks from a Nintendo video game; no complete scores or soundtracks.
  • We're sticking with first-party Nintendo titles for this one.
  • You can only pick one! If you list out multiple tracks, we'll go with your first choice.

So without further ado, get commenting with your favourite piece of Nintendo music down below!