Mario Rabbids 2
Image: Nintendo / Ubisoft

Nintendo already has a number of high profile games lined up for Switch in 2022, and when you add third-parties to the mix it's looking very exciting indeed.

One genre that is looking particularly good for the coming period is tactical games, in particular turn-based strategy tactics games. For me, the upcoming year on Switch looks like it'll be full of portable gaming in a comfortable chair, taking my time and ruminating over clever moves to outsmart my foes — like a good game of chess but with plenty of fantasy and lovely extra game design thrown in around the pieces.

As tactics games may be my favourite type nowadays — a reflection of age and dulled reflexes in platformers, perhaps — here are some confirmed Switch titles that look rather marvellous and are right at the top of my 2022 wishlist...

Triangle Strategy - 4th March 2022

From the team that brought us the brilliant Octopath Traveler, this adopts the same HD-2D approach that looks fantastic on Nintendo's system (and elsewhere, of course).

It's a title that very much brings the classic Final Fantasy Tactics to mind, but with plenty of modern touches and what look like interesting narrative and choice mechanics. The demo gave a very encouraging early look last year, and with various adjustments and improvements based on fan feedback I'm optimistic that this will be a gem.

Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp - Spring 2022

Originally planned for a December 2021 release, Nintendo and developer WayForward made the decision to push this back to Spring '22 — with a My Nintendo Store UK listing (which listing is currently still live) suggesting an 8th April arrival.

As the name makes clear this combines the content of the first two games in the series, but with completely reworked and fresh visuals and no doubt some other quality of life improvements. From a personal perspective this is a series I've heard much about but not experienced, so I'm looking forward to trying this modernised take.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope - 2022

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was a surprise collaboration with Ubisoft in the early days of Switch, but the end result was terrific; the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC was an excellent addition, too.

With some aspects borrowed from titles like XCOM, it nevertheless carved its own path with clever character-specific abilities, along with some Mario twists on movement and attacks. It's utterly charming, and there's little reason to be anything other than highly optimistic about what the sequel can deliver.

Metal Slug Tactics - 2022

When this was initially revealed for PC in Summer 2021, plenty of people, particularly those of us with a few grey hairs on our head, were crying out for a Switch version. Unsurprisingly, publisher Dotemu is obliging, which means that the Switch will be host to a whole lot of classic Metal Slug action titles along with this new tactical spin.

Again we have a stylised isometric perspective, but with the zany military tone of the iconic IP. It looks stunning, and trailers so far point to the prospect of some excellent boss battles as well.

Marvel's Midnight Suns - 2022

As someone who happily jumps into and enjoys the silly escapism of Marvel games, this is high on the list in terms of anticipated titles. It has pedigree with development from Firaxis Games (well known for the XCOM series), and its delay to the latter half of the year (originally it was due in March) will hopefully allow it to be fully polished on arrival.

The concept, IP and mechanics look enticing, with my only concern being performance on Switch. XCOM 2 Collection can be a bit rough on Nintendo's system, but if this one has had a Switch version planned from day one, it'll hopefully have solid optimisation.

Of course, there'll be more game reveals to come and no doubt some rather good Indie / download-only strategy tactics games as well. Based upon how busy Intelligent Systems was in the 3DS era, we're due another Fire Emblem title, too, following on from 2019's Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so perhaps that'll be a surprise to enjoy in 2022.

As you can see, the coming year could be terrific for this genre; let us know which you're looking forward to in the poll and comments below!

Which strategy / tactics game are you most excited about on Nintendo Switch?