Steam Gardens (Super Mario Odyssey) - Alana Hagues, Staff Writer

I could easily go for one of Nintendo’s exclusive JRPG themes here, but I’ve always been partial to a Mario bop. Super Mario Odyssey has these in spades, but the moment it all clicked into place for me was in the Wooded Kingdom. This weird blend of machinery and foliage gave us what I think is one of the best level songs in all of Mario's history - ‘Steam Gardens’.

This funky, jazzy tune combines an electric keyboard with catchy percussion, and the second the guitar kicks in, you’re ready for the fanciest vacation in the woods. But my favourite part of the song is the very beginning – the big brass band and whimsical flute booming out of the speakers to make way for the radio-quality tunes that play throughout. It’s like the song is playing through the boomboxes throughout Mario Odyssey. That little detail, of the slightly-muffled sound on the percussion, gives the whole tune a sort-of vintage quality.

It makes me want to go camping in the Wooded Kingdom! Even at the risk of scaffold tumbling on top of me.

Special Course (Yoshi's Woolly World) - Yosher

This one is proper cute; we love it. It suits Yoshi's overall vibe to a tee and makes for an incredibly uplifting tune.

Zora's Domain (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - Realness

Zora's Domain really encapsulates the spectacle and majesty of this classic location from Ocarina of Time, much in the same way that Dire, Dire Docks did for Super Mario 64.

Agnus Colony (Xenoblade Chronicles 3) - nhSnork

This is like stepping into The Shire or something, isn't it? It's a truly beautiful piece from one of the more recent games in this list; we think it full deserves its place!

Aquatic Ambience (Donkey Kong Country) - bluemage1989

What is it with water themes that makes them so awesome? Is it the abstract melody? Who knows. Either way, this one is an absolute banger.

Main Theme (Luigi's Mansion) - Shambo

Luigi's Mansion's main theme is just begging to be hummed, right? So it should, since Luigi himself hums it while sneaking around the haunted mansion!

Hyrule Field (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) - mjharper

This iteration of Hyrule Field has shades of the classic Legend of Zelda theme, but mixes it up enough to make it its own beast. We love this one; it really demonstrates the sweeping nature of this GameCube / Wii classic.

Wii Shop Channel (Wii) - Goofonzo

This isn't cheating; we won't accept such accusations. The Wii Shop Channel music is simply iconic, and we've a feeling many will agree with Goofonzo on this one.

Ballad of the Goddess (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword) - JeanPaul

Oh lord, this classic track from Skyward Sword makes us want to grab the nearest sword (or stick) and head out into the wild for an adventure. Try and stop us!

You Will Know Our Names (Xenoblade Chronicles) - Lucas191

You Will Know Our Names sounds like something Sega would whack into a 3D Sonic game, right? Except it's arguably much more epic than any Sonic track.

Rustboro City (Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire) - Maximumbeans

In a game filled with the sound of french horns, Rustboro City's theme was a bit more restrained, but still managed to be one of the catchiest numbers of the whole bunch.

Slider (Super Mario 64) - yo-killer

Doesn't this just make you want to sliiiiiiiide? No? Well, it should.

Ah, the "classic" Zelda music in all its glory. It's iconic for a reason, and we reckon this one will prove pretty popular.

Dire, Dire Docks (Super Mario 64) - Dr_Corndog

Arguably one of the most beloved Mario tracks from the 3D era, Dire, Dire Docks is another water-themed number that we would glady listen to on repeat for hours on end.

Gerudo Valley (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - Kate Gray, Staff Writer

Some of my favourite Nintendo music is the unexpected, musically-inventive stuff, where the composers have pulled out underrated instruments or techniques to create absolute bangers. The one that immediately jumps to mind is the flamenco-style Spanish guitar of Gerudo Valley.

It's got that complex polyrhythmic train-track rhythm that makes you want to shake your hips, with a slightly mournful, wistful twang thanks to its minor key signature. And, despite the crunchy midi trumpet sounding a bit flat and rubbish in isolation, you get it; it's a triumphant fanfare with a bit of a jazzed-up military vibe, representing the powerful matriarchy of Gerudo Fortress, which you're attempting to infiltrate. Koji Kondo's composition results in an incredibly evocative piece of music that instantly calls to mind the toe-tapping, frantic speed of a flamenco dance, and it manages to be upbeat and catchy while also having some elements of mystery and foreboding woven into it. It's just sexy.

It's also one of the few Nintendo songs I can listen to for ten hours on loop without getting bored or going mad.