Octopath Traveler II Partitio, Throné, and Hikari
Image: Nintendo Life

It's time lose yourself in the lush world of HD-2D all over again — Octopath Traveler II is out today on Switch (and PS4, PS5, and PC of course). Announced only last September, this surprise sequel does everything a follow up should do — it improves on every single aspect of the original while also staying faithful to it.

The premise, for instance, is exactly the same as the first Octopath Traveler — before you even dive into the world of Solistia, you need to choose your starting character, the character who will lead your party. And just like in the first game, you can't take out your first character until you've completed their entire story. So choose wisely!

Some of you lovely readers may well have already made the choice and have already started recruiting your seven other companions in the demo that launched a few weeks ago. While others might be agonising whether to kick off your adventure with a powerful warrior in Hikari, an adept at healing in Temenos, or a more unique choice with a variety of skills like Partitio. There's no wrong answer, and eventually, you'll be able to equip sub-classes and build your team however you want.

You can find out more about the cast, including a summary of their story, their skills, and their uses in and out of battle

So, intrepid traveller: who will you be choosing first in your Octopath Traveler II journey? Vote in our poll below and let us know in the comments why you're picking that character first.

Which character are you starting with in Octopath Traveler II? (1,544 votes)

  1. Hikari the Warrior22%
  2. Agnea the Dancer6%
  3. Partitio the Merchant7%
  4. Osvald the Scholar17%
  5. Temenos the Cleric6%
  6. Throné the Thief24%
  7. Ochette the Hunter11%
  8. Castti the Apothecary7%

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