• Video ZaciSa's Last Stand Update Detailed and Shown Off in New Trailer

    A belated Valentine

    Not so long ago we revealed details of ZaciSa: Defense of the Crayon Dimension, an expanded version of ZaciSa's Last Stand that'll finally make its way to Europe. Developer ZenFa Productions did promise a free update with additional content for the North American version in that announcement, however, and has used the Valentine's...



  • News Demo Of ZaciSa's Last Stand Touching Down On The Wii U eShop Soon

    Try before you buy

    ZeNfA Productions has announced a demo of ZaciSa’s Last Stand is now in the hands of Nintendo, ready to be approved for the Wii U eShop. This latest news about the 2D tower defence title follows this year's July release in North America, and Patch 1.01 for the game in August that added extra content, as well as many improvements...


  • News Patch 1.01 For ZaciSa’s Last Stand On The Wii U Goes Live

    Half-price to celebrate!

    Wii U owners familiar with the 2D tower defence title ZaciSa’s Last Stand — released last month on the eShop — will be pleased to hear the latest patch adds extra meat to the game, bringing many improvements such as refined balance – helping ensure the experience remains challenging – and a plethora of new content...