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    Review Hot Rod Racer

    A complete write-off

    In Hot Rod Racer you take on the role of a reckless driver with the need for speed. Selecting from a car or a motorbike as your main mode of transport, you put the key in the ignition of your vehicle of choice and take to the track with the intention of speeding along until you run out of gas. Hot Rod Racer seemingly aims to...


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    Review ZaciSa: Defense of the Crayon Dimensions!

    In space, no-one can hear you strategically position laser cannons

    Over 12 months after releasing in NA, developer ZeNfA Productions has re-named, re-tooled and rocket-boosted its tower defense title onto the European eShop. It's been a long flight - with an even longer list of promised improvements to go with it - but has it been enough to breathe...


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    Review ZaciSa's Last Stand

    Can hardly stand it

    Last year's reveal of the Nintendo Web Framework was a welcome announcement to independent game developers interested in releasing their work on Wii U. The new platform was quiet at first, but in recent months we've seen an increasing number of games releasing on the eShop that were born of this development environment. Opening a...