• News Black Lantern Studios' Enchanting Fairy Tale Release

    Gather round and watch the announcement trailer with us

    It must be a fairly busy period for Lemon Team and Reflexive Entertainment at the moment; with the recent announcement that the collaborative release of Airport Mania: First Flight will soon be launching on the WiiWare service, and with the DSi getting its own Airport Mania too, it's never too...

  • News Airport Mania: First Flight Approaches the Runway with a Trailer

    Take an eagle-eyed look at the new WiiWare air traffic control game

    If you enjoyed playing Firemint's Flight Control, then you might want to take note of the upcoming WiiWare title Airport Mania: First Flight and check out the first trailer for the air traffic control game from Reflexive Entertainment and South Winds Games. Originally published on...