• News Star Renegades Special Editions Up For Grabs On Switch

    5000 copies in total

    Star Renegades was rather highly regarded when it arrived on Switch eShop in late 2020; it's a stylish game with its own unique take on the roguelike turn-based battle genre. We were pretty glowing in our review, describing it as "a title that absolutely belongs in your Switch library". For big fans of the game the good news is...

  • News Kingdom Two Crowns To Expand Co-Op In Free 'Never Alone' Update

    Also adds the 'Trade Routes' challenge

    Kingdom Two Crowns is a title that's continued to grow and improve since its Nintendo Switch release back in late 2018; we thought it was rather good in our original review. The latest changes will come in the free Never Alone update, which is due to roll out on Switch and other platforms on 20th April. The...










  • News Kingdom: New Lands Gets Some Free DLC - Skull Island

    Should be available now

    Kingdom: New Lands is quite an intriguing title on the Switch eShop, with an interesting blend of town management and tower defence to accompany some neat visuals. If you're a fan of the game then there's good news, with Raw Fury releasing some free DLC in the form of a sixth island - Skull Island. It's described as a...


  • News Kingdom: New Lands Sails To Switch On 14th September

    Be brave, ruler

    The onslaught of quality eShop games for the Switch continues with Raw Fury's Kingdom: New Lands, which is sailing on to the Switch eShop on 14th September, priced at £13.49 / $14.99. This retro-style game was released on Steam last year to critical acclaim and tasks you with travelling to the New Lands and welcoming the...


  • News Dandara is Blasting Onto Nintendo Switch This Summer

    Girls just wanna have epic battles

    Among the smattering of games shown off during the Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase was Dandara, a Metroidvania-inspired, 2D platformer with fast-paced combat from Raw Fury Games. The titular character Dandara must jump from surface to surface, fighting enemies whilst travelling through a gravity-bending world...