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    Review Bad North

    Heathen chemistry

    If the recent releases of Jotun: Valhalla Edition and The Banner Saga Trilogy have taught us anything, it’s this: the Vikings make for the most bloodthirsty of heroes. But what if the tables were turned, and it was you defending against the reaving Norsemen? The sound of a ghostly war horn roaring in the distance. Longships...


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    Review Dandara

    The strangest dream

    One of the defining attributes of any 'Metroidvania' platformer is freedom, but Dandara is built around a rather striking limitation. Our titular heroine can neither run nor jump. Dandara is a mystically empowered figure who's been awoken from her slumber to rescue an oppressed dream-like world from wicked supernatural beings...


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    Review Kingdom: New Lands

    The price is knight

    Something of a cult hit when it appeared on Steam, and more recently on XLBA, NOIO and Liquorice games' (published by Raw Fury) Kingdom: New Lands makes its way to Nintendo Switch. A 2D sidescrolling micromanagement simulator in a pixellated medieval landscape, it tests attention, patience and strategy in equal measure. A...