• Review The Legend of Kusakari (3DS eShop)

    A Link to the Grass

    Close your eyes for a moment and picture the scene. You find yourself in the midst of an epic battle – the sound of swords hitting shields surrounds you in every direction, great warriors are displaying the courage and spirit of 1,000 men as they fall for their cause, some random guy is sprinting around with the sole purpose of...


  • Review Blast 'Em Bunnies (3DS eShop)

    Cracked egg

    Nnooo has released several titles on Nintendo platforms since Pop launched with WiiWare. While not all of its releases have been successes — the DSiWare myNotebook line and Spirit Hunters showed ingenuity but just weren't very fun to play — the studio's nonetheless been consistent in developing new IP with a unique style. Blast 'Em...


  • Review Cubemen 2 (Wii U eShop)

    Multi-sided gameplay

    While Pure Chess became the first cross-platform multiplayer title on Nintendo eShop stores, Cubemen 2 arrives with a far more complex and potentially rewarding setup. Developer 3 Sprockets and publisher Nnooo have done an admirable job on a technical level, but importantly have also served up an entertaining real-time strategy...


  • Review escapeVektor (3DS eShop)

    Traces of greatness

    Looking back to the release of escapeVektor: Chapter 1 just over a year ago, we're filled with conflicting emotions. We're glad, of course, because the game was fantastic, inexpensive, and thoroughly addictive. However we can't remember that game without being reminded of the fact that WiiWare never saw the rest of the series...


  • Review Spirit Hunters Inc. Shadow/Light (DSiWare)

    Bustin' makes us feel bored

    Announced way back in May 2010, Nnooo's Spirit Hunters Inc. — available now in both Light and Shadow flavours — promised, in Nnooo's own words, "a Role Playing Game set in the real world." That's both a tall order and an idea with enormous potential, which is why it's a shame that the finished product mistakes "role...


  • Review escapeVektor: Chapter 1 (WiiWare)

    Virtual world, real quality

    After the delightful Pop (and its various offshoots), it seemed a bit like Nnooo was taking a break from game development. The studio released several applications through DSiWare, and while they were quite good, gamers might be forgiven for assuming that the company's future releases would gravitate more toward...


  • Review myDiary (DSiWare)

    Everyone, take note

    Nnooo has seen a fair amount of success with DSiWare. Originally starting off with Pop+ Solo, the developer really began to make its mark on the DSi with the myLifeCollected series, a set of applications for the DSi that started with myNotebook. Since then, Nnooo has moved onto other applications such as myPostcards and...


  • Review myNotebook: Carbon, Pearl and Tan (DSiWare)

    Nnooo means yes

    The popular myNotebook in Red, Green or Blue is a cheap and useful application that gives DSi owners another reason to carry the machine wherever they go. So how does the new myNotebook: Carbon, Pearl and Tan – reviewed here in Carbon – improve on the original? While the original versions had 32 pages, the new version has 128...


  • Review myPostcards (DSiWare)

    Maybe a bit too simplistic for its own good

    We haven't seen a significant amount of apps made available on the DSiWare service to date, but that hasn't stopped Nnooo from tossing a couple into the mix with their ongoing myLifeConnected suite of DSiWare applications. We've already seen the release of myNotebook in various colours and now the company...


  • Review myNotebook (DSiWare)

    Delivering what the DSi should've already had.

    Until now, Nnooo only released one arcade-like highscore game on WiiWare and DSiWare. And though one game is hardly enough to go by, we were still quite surprised to find out that their next project was not another game, but rather a simple application. myNotebook pretty much does what the title implies...


  • Review Pop Plus: Solo (DSiWare)

    Who would have thought that popping bubbles could be so much fun?

    For the uninitiated, Pop Plus: Solo is an enhanced remake of the original game, Pop, released on the WiiWare service last year. The game garnered a reasonable amount of popularity and was widely praised for its simple yet addictive and eloquently executed gameplay. Over a year later...


  • Review Pop (WiiWare)

    'Once you pop, you just can't stop' is proved to be true in this excellent WiiWare launch title.

    Pop, as the title suggests, is a game where you pop bubbles. But don’t be fooled by the deceptive simplicity of this idea; there’s more to it than might be apparent at first glance. First of all, Pop has a timer that counts down; if you don't pop...