• Countdown 3DS eShop Spotlight - escapeVektor

    #31 - Trace and survive

    For the month before the 3DS and Wii U eShops close for new purchases on 27th March, each day we're going to highlight a specific eShop game for one of those consoles and give a short pitch as to why we think it deserves your love and attention — before it's too late. The chance to add these to your library will be gone for...







  • News Nnooo to Showcase Three Titles at PAX East

    Playable demos available

    In a recent press release Australian developer Nnooo, known for its 3DS download title escapeVektor, announced that it will be attending PAX East this year in Boston. While at PAX, it will be showcasing three of its games that are currently in development: Blast 'Em Bunnies, Cubemen 2, and ORBITOR. Blast 'Em Bun


  • News Blast 'em Bunnies Shooting Its Way to the 3DS eShop

    Watch out for PETA, Nnooo

    Sydney-based developer Nnooo is likely to be a familiar name to Nintendo download enthusiasts, with a number of releases on WiiWare, DSiWare and the excellent escapeVektor on the 3DS eShop. In recent times the company has taken on the role of publisher for two upcoming releases, but has today confirmed its next in-house...


  • News Nnooo Set To Bring ORBITOR To Consoles

    We just don't know which ones yet...

    Australian developer Evil Aliens is behind ORBITOR, its first ever project which is currently on Steam Greenlight. It looked like it would be skipping the console market altogether, but that is no longer the case as the studio's compatriot Nnooo has announced it will be publishing the action adventure game on...




  • News Nnooo Announces escapeVektor Sale

    Escape for 50% less

    Nnooo has announced that its 3DS eShop game, escapeVektor, will be sold at a 50% discount over the next three weeks. The critically acclaimed game's soundtrack will also be on sale. From the press release: "You can now grab the full game and original soundtrack for less than the normal price of the game," said Thomson. "Head...


  • News Australian 3DS eShop Gets New Region Specific Section

    Great news for homegrown indie developers

    Australian gamers have a new way to find and support indie developers from their home country, as the 3DS eShop Down Under — and throughout Europe as the "Developed in Australia" shelf — has been given a region-specific section listing all aussie-made games. There are currently 14 titles available in...


  • News escapeVektor Hacks Into 3DS eShop on 20th December

    The wait is over

    escapeVektor: Chapter 1 is one of WiiWare's finest games, though its arrival in late September 2011 didn't spark the multiple follow-ups that were expected. Developer Nnooo decided, after the first part was released, that it'd be better served releasing all four planned parts as one title — though Chapter 1 was an excellent...


  • Nintendo Download 22nd November 2012 (North America)

    Mallo returns, Link has an adventure, spirits are hunted and more

    It's Thursday, which only means one thing here on Nintendo Life - it's download update time. This week sees a return for a popular 3DS eShop IP, a classic NES title, a long awaited DSiWare release and some other goodies. Nintendo's press release only mentions the Wii U eShop games...

  • Feature Advanced Tactics In Spirit Hunters Inc.

    In this third and final developer guide, Nnooo's Nic Watt explains the finer details behind successful spirit hunting

    In the previous feature Nnooo's Nic Watt took us through some of the more complex aspects of the player abilities in Spirit Hunters Inc., including some of the abilities which are unique to each element. In this third and final piece...

  • Feature Behind The Elemental Abilities Of Spirit Hunters Inc.

    In our second exclusive developer guide, Nic Watt explains the ability system in this spook-catching DSiWare release

    In the previous feature Nnooo's Creative Director Nic Watt detailed some of the basics to Spirit Hunters Inc. In this second feature he will explain some of the more complex aspects of the player abilities, including some of the...

  • Feature Mastering The Basics Of Spirit Hunters Inc.

    A guide to catching spooks, straight from the developer

    In this, the first of three articles, Creative Director at Nnooo Nic Watt will detail some of the components of Spirit Hunters Inc. to illustrate all the different aspects of the game. Spirit Hunters Inc. launches globally on DSiWare next week, so make sure you brush up on these tips to get a...


  • Developer Interview Nnooo Talks About Working With Nintendo and Moving to the 3DS eShop

    Stepping into a new generation

    As the 3DS eShop continues to evolve and expand its library, Nintendo is currently preparing to introduce the Wii U eShop — it's assumed that'll be its name — and continue to expand its download gaming options. It's been a rocky road, of course, with the DSi and Wii online stores both being flawed in terms of both...

  • News Nnooo: Let us "Browse, Buy and Gift Content Outside of the eShop"

    Miiverse E3 preview suggests it may happen

    Most would agree that the 3DS eShop, as a platform, is an improvement over its predecessors on DSi and Wii. That's to be expected, of course, but for developers intent on publishing downloads with Nintendo the enhancements in layout, functionality and the easing of restrictive file size limits have all been...

  • Hands On Spirit Hunters Inc.

    Die hard the hunter

    It's hard to believe that it's been almost three years since we first saw Spirit Hunters Inc. in its earliest incarnation. But rest assured, that development time has gone into turning the idea into a rather diverse and playable augmented reality experience. When you first begin playing Spirit Hunters Inc., the game seems fairly...

  • News Want to Know How to Play Spirit Hunters?

    Developer videos explain forthcoming DSiWare AR title

    Each week up until the release of Spirit Hunters on DSiWare on November 22nd, developer Nnooo will be releasing videos which give a little more detail on the inner workings of this interesting augmented reality title. Using your 3DS or DSi's camera, Spirit Hunters lets you do battle with ghosts...