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  • US 4th Sep 2014, $7.99
  • EU 4th Sep 2014, £6.99
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    Multi-sided gameplay

    While Pure Chess became the first cross-platform multiplayer title on Nintendo eShop stores, Cubemen 2 arrives with a far more complex and potentially rewarding setup. Developer 3 Sprockets and publisher Nnooo have done an admirable job on a technical level, but importantly have also served up an entertaining real-time strategy...

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About The Game

In a world first for an indie game on a Nintendo platform, Nnooo is bringing cross-platform multiplayer and user generated content to the Wii U system with the hugely successful Cubemen 2.

Cubemen 2 is a fast-paced 3D strategy game in which the player controls an army of Cubemen, using them to battle against enemies in a range of modes. Players will be able to enter online matches and create and share user-generated levels regardless of which platform they are using. Players on the Wii U version will be able to battle against other players who own the game on Wii U, PC, Linux, Mac or iOS device.

Cubemen 2, a top-selling Steam and iOS game, can be played in single player mode or with up to 6 players in online solo or team battles against other players or AI. Players will also be able to create and share their own levels using the game's built-in level editor. Wii U players will have access to all user-generated levels created on other platforms since the release of the game. There are currently over 8,000 user-generated levels to play. The game also includes specific level themes, customisable Cubemen skins and a global ranking system.