• Random This Minecraft Build Is A Playable Version Of Link's Awakening

    Link and Steve quoted as being "speechless"

    It seems so obvious: retro, pixel grid games work well with Minecraft's chunky blocks. That's exactly what builder team pickledscones and thelasteddieonearth (also known by their collective name, "Operation Hyrule") have done with their incredible recreation of Koholint Island from Link's Awakening,...

  • News This Free Software Lets You Play Minecraft With Your Eyes

    Making the game accessible for those who can't use their hands

    The past few years have seen some incredible leaps and bounds in technology, and many of those improvements have been focused around accessibility. You may remember the story about inclusivity advocate, developer, artist, and gamer Becky, AKA EyeGazeGirl, who hooked up the Xbox adaptive...

  • Random Play Among Us In Minecraft With This Blocky Skeld Map

    We're pretty sure we saw Creeper vent

    You know, Minecraft is pretty cool, but there's not nearly enough murder and betrayal. Or maybe we're playing it wrong. Either way, now you can get a healthy dose of learning not to trust anyone with this nifty recreation of the Among Us Skeld map, courtesy of builder Salestro. Here are the two maps...

  • Random This Super Mario-Themed Minecraft Parkour Level Looks Really Hard

    Jump, man!

    If you're a glutton for punishment, you probably don't think Minecraft is hard enough. You probably laugh in the face of Creepers. You eat Phantoms for breakfast. This Minecraft map, by builders midnighthoil and Bertibus, might be for you, you crazy son of a blaze. "Jump-and-Run" maps, or "JaR" as they're known to the community, are...