• News Firebrand Games: "Nintendo Needs to Charm the Mass Market" With Wii U

    "People still need Nintendo"

    Now that the Wii U hype train is getting closer to its final destination, there'll be much analysis and opinion on what Nintendo needs to do to make it a success. There'll be plenty of talk about its technical capabilities as well, of course, but for developers and Nintendo itself it's really all about how many Wii U...


  • News Firebrand Would Love to Develop an F-Zero Game

    Hopes Nintendo is listening

    Having already brought the TrackMania and Need For Speed franchises to the Wii and DS, it's fairly clear that Firebrand Games has an interest in developing racing games. In fact, there's a particular racing series that creative director Pete Shea would love to have Firebrand Games work on. Speaking to Cubed3, Firebrand...