• Review Burn the Rope (WiiWare)

    A game that'll rope you in

    Step one: create a simple, fun and addictive activity. Step two: throw in an interesting twist. Step three: build on that foundation with something that adds variation and challenge while channelling the essence of what makes it fun. These are the steps to making a great puzzle game, and it's that first task at which many...


  • Review Pub Darts (WiiWare)

    Downloadable darts — just as pointless as it sounds

    Pub Darts is puzzling. Not that it’s a truly horrid game, but it’s just so basic that you have to wonder why you’d want to spend a lot of time with it. People like to play darts in bars and pubs because it’s a great excuse to get tipsy with your friends and throw sharp objects really fast...


  • Review Hockey Allstar Shootout (WiiWare)

    Nevermind hitting the post, this "allstar" barely makes it onto the rink

    It's easy to see why hockey fans will feverishly download Hockey Allstar Shootout. The only alternatives for Wii-toting rink rats are a half-baked port and a few crude NES classics that you had to play back in the day to appreciate now (Blades of Steel and Ice Hockey, in case...


  • Review Home Sweet Home (WiiWare)

    Does Home Sweet Home have a strong enough foundation or does it totally collapse?

    If you are a sucker for those home improvement shows that clog up television schedules so much these days, then perhaps this game is the one for you. Home Sweet Home started out life as a downloadable PC game but now it's seeking to expand its audience by making its...