• Poll Box Art Brawl #47 - Shadowrun

    What we do in the shadows

    Welcome back to the Box Art Brawl, our weekly poll to find out which regional box art variant of an old video game is best. Last week we looked at the three main cover variants for Sonic the Hedgehog 3. The North American Genesis version won out in the end, with Japan not too far behind and Europe trailing in third place...

  • News Lost NES Game Based On A Tom Cruise Movie Has Just Been Recovered From 21 Floppy Discs

    Every floppy counts

    When developer Chris Oberth passed away in 2012 at the tragically young age of 59, he left behind a considerable legacy, with titles such as Phasor Zap, Anteater, Ardy the Aardvark and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom listed amongst his credits. He also left behind a massive selection of floppy discs, hard drives and CD-Rs,...


  • Feature The Making of Shadowrun

    We investigate the troubled genesis of one of the finest SNES RPGs in existence

    We're big fans of pen-and-paper fantasy role-playing games here at Nintendo Life. In fact, we were the first to pour out a little liquor when the legendary Gary Gygax passed away not so long ago. The reason for our love comes not from every human's natural attraction to...