• News Tamagotchi's Next Trick? It's Becoming A Smartwatch

    You'll never escape your virtual pet now!

    We discussed Tamagotchi's impact 5 years ago, when the virtual pet brand turned 20. Now, with the 25th anniversary upon us, Bandai is producing another new Tamagotchi-related product: a smartwatch. The 'Tamagotchi Smart' has a colour touchscreen and includes a microphone, so you can talk and touch your...



  • Gallery Splatoon 2 Squid "Air Mascots" Released in Japan

    Blowing hot air

    Coinciding with the worldwide release of Splatoon 2, Bandai has released a set of inkling inflatables known as "Air Mascots" through toy capsules. The collectible squids come in six variations being blue, green, olive, pink, purple and yellow. There is also the opportunity to find Judd the cat as a special bonus.  The capsules...






  • News Woman Finds Extremely Rare NES Game At Goodwill Store

    A diamond in the rough

    File this one under "Wowzer". A woman paid $7.99 for an old NES cartridge at a Goodwill store that — as luck would have it — is one of the rarest video games of all time. Bandai's Stadium Events — which has sold for more than $40,000 USD in the past — was one of the first titles to use the Family Fun Fitness Mat...


  • News Rare NES Game Sells for $41,300 on eBay

    Stadium Events strikes again!

    Some of you may be aware that an auction on eBay several weeks ago saw an old NES bundled with some random games sell for a staggering $13,105 USD (approx. £8,744 GBP). That's because one of the games was a copy of Stadium Events; a track and field sports title from Bandai. What's so special about Stadium Events, you...