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Thursday11th Jul 2019

  • Video The 25 Best Nintendo 3DS Games Of All Time

    What will you play?

    Can you believe the 3DS been chugging along since 2011? It outlived the Wii U and has even received a number of games during the Switch generation. With the system essentially on life support at this stage following the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite, now is a great time to reflect on the 25 best 3DS games of all time...

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Thursday20th Jun 2019

  • News It Looks Like The Final Japanese 3DS Title Has Been Canned

    The true end of an era?

    While Nintendo won't come out and actually say it, the 3DS is pretty dead now. All of the major publishers and developers have shifted their attention to the Switch, and as a result, the older handheld system has seen its list of releases dry up completely. 2019 is looking pretty barren for 3DS owners as far

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  • Review Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth - The Last Picture Show

    You'll find me in the matinée, the dark of the matinée...

    Atlus has been one of the strongest supporters of Nintendo’s 3DS handheld over the years, keeping RPG fans busy with a total of seventeen stellar RPGs from the company. These releases have been coming at a consistent and reliable pace since the 3DS’ first year, so it's only fitting that...

Monday3rd Jun 2019

Thursday30th May 2019

  • News A 3DS eShop Title Just Launched For An Eye-Watering $100

    Keep your eye(s) on this one

    Joining the ranks of games dropping on Switch and 3DS eShop this afternoon, there was one in particular that caught our eye, although not due to its snazzy aesthetic. Nope, the snappily named PDI Check for Nintendo 3DS attracted our notice thanks to its alarmingly high price tag: $99.99. Hailing from an Alaskan eye...

Tuesday28th May 2019

  • News 3DS System Update 11.10.0-43 Is Now Live

    Super stable

    The 3DS might be on life support, but there are still a handful of quality titles on the way to the system. One of these is Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, due out early next month, on 4th June. To help ensure the experience on this system continues to be as stable as possible, Nintendo has released a new firmware update. It's the...

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  • News The Top 10 Best-Selling Games For Wii U, 3DS, Wii And Nintendo DS (As Of March 2019)

    Spoiler: there's a lot of Mario Kart

    So, we've seen Nintendo's latest sales totals for the best-selling Switch games, but what about the company's other most recent consoles? Naturally, sales for games on these systems are rapidly slowing down as new copies start to fade away from retail stores. In fact, the totals for Nintendo DS haven't changed...

  • News Mario Kart 7 Is Still Selling Like Hotcakes

    Wacky races

    While many pundits have declared that the 3DS is now officially dead with the arrival of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's latest shareholder reports suggest that evergreen titles like Mario Kart 7 are still enjoying fantastic success. In the last financial year, it has been revealed that Mario Kart 7 shifted 1.21 million units across the...

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