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  • News Reggie Fils-Aimé Wanted The 3DS To Launch At $199, But Was Rebuffed

    "With 3DS, we did not let the poor sales performance linger"

    When the 3DS launched it had a tough task as the successor to DS, a portable family of systems that had become Nintendo's greatest success story. Though the 3DS (and 2DS) range of systems couldn't hit those heights, by the end of its run it had been a reasonable success with 75.94 million...

Monday2nd May 2022

  • News A Bunch Of NIS America Games Get Huge Price Cuts On 3DS (Europe)

    Only for a week, mind!

    Ever since the announcement of the upcoming 3DS / Wii U eShop closure, gamers have been clamouring for sales left, right, and centre, eager to grab some last-minute deals to bolster their game libraries. RPG games for the 3DS in particular have become highly sought after, and while this latest sale doesn't include the likes...

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  • News Andro Dunos 2 Switch Physical Edition Pre-Orders Fly Into View

    Or 3DS, if you want to go old school

    The Switch has an impressive range of shoot 'em ups, and we're still getting regular new releases to check out. One lower profile entry that arrived recently on the eShop is Andro Dunos 2, but if you're a fan of the genre you shouldn't sleep on it. We gave this one a hearty recommendation in our recent review...

Monday28th Mar 2022

Friday25th Mar 2022

  • Random Look At This Custom Eggdog 3DS

    What's up eggdog

    Do you know Eggdog? The weird meme stemmed from a video of a fluffy white dog being groomed, but taken at a specific angle, the dog looks like an egg with a face. And thus, Eggdog was born. From out of the legend of Eggdog came a host of new memes, and one of the prime Eggdog memers is zamsire, who used a 3D render of the ovoid...

Wednesday23rd Mar 2022

  • Random Someone Just Spent $1600 On A Super-Rare Canadian Barbie 3DS Game

    Those are some expensive dogs

    Across the Nintendo Life staff, we've probably collectively been in and around the games industry for at least a couple hundred years... and yet, there are still things that surprise us every day. Today's surprise was finding out that one of the holy grails for 3DS collectors is a game called Barbie Groom and Glam...

Wednesday16th Mar 2022

Tuesday15th Mar 2022

  • News Capcom Launches Its Biggest 3DS Sale Ever (US)

    The end is nigh

    It's no secret that the 3DS — along with its console sibling Wii U — is heading toward that bright light at the end of the tunnel. With the handheld's eShop closing within the next year, it's natural that publishers will want to capitalise on this unfortunate eventuality with some rather sweet deals. It's a nice opportunity for...

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