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    Review Snake Den

    Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAAAAKE!

    When revisiting a well-worn concept, it's important to bring something new to the table. After all, we've reached a point in the gaming industry where certain genres — first-person shooter, platformer and adventure, just to name a few — have been pioneered and perfected over the years by generations of developers...

  • News Nintendo eShop Maintenance Planned for 1st December

    Get your shopping done

    While perusing the 3DS eShop notifications and wondering why on Earth Tetris is being removed from the store, we saw a far more helpful message outlining that the download platform has a hefty chunk of maintenance on the way. There'll be a little over seven hours of downtime, though maintenance taking down the eShop stores is...

  • News Let's Summarise the Remaining eShop Deals on Wii U and 3DS

    As Nintendo decided not to share...

    Earlier this week a host of titles went on discount in North America, some of which were outlined in last week's download update without firm prices, and a whole load of others that came as surprises. We held off believing they'd all be covered in today's download update only to be foiled; there are plenty of...

  • Video Curve Studios Demonstrates Stealth Inc 2's Level Editor

    Do your worst (by which we mean best)

    In recent weeks we've been sharing a series of videos from Curve Studios which show off the various features of Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones. It's a title that we rate very highly, not least because it includes a lot of excellent features that flesh out the experience. One of these features is the Level...