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    Review Shantae And The Pirate's Curse

    More like a blessing

    While WayForward has been working away on the crowd-funded Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, which will be released on every platform under the sun, it hasn't forgotten its Nintendo roots. Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, the final game of the "original" series, wraps up the storyline started in the original Game Boy Color title and...

  • News No Protests Against this Holiday-themed Citizens of Earth Trailer

    Like a good fruitcake, it's still sturdy past its date

    The holidays are all but over and it's time to move on to 2015... but wait, what's that? Behind the desk, against the wall over there. Why don't you go check it out? Why, it's a new trailer for the upcoming RPG Citizens of Earth! It must've been sitting here since Christmas Eve but got lost in...

  • News Year in Development: Nyamyam

    Phil Tossell discusses the challenges turning the page with Tengami

    In the fifth entry of this 2014 'Year in Development' series we chat to Phil Tossell, co-creator of Nyamyam. The UK based studio released its first game in 2014, Tengami, an experience with a pop-up storybook vibe and hugely attractive paper-based aesthetic. Including music by...

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    Review TOSS N GO

    Use as directed

    Simplicity is never a bad thing in itself. An experience can be extremely easy in execution, yet still provide plenty of rewarding elements. Sometimes, however, something can be boiled down into such simple elements that it loses some of those satisfying quirks, and that's where RCMADIAX's TOSS N GO suffers. TOSS N GO is another in...

  • Nintendo Download 1st January (Europe)

    Captain Toad, Fire Emblem, an F-Zero first and more

    The timings of Nintendo's Download Updates have certainly been festive this year, with the next batch of download treats set to arrive on New Year's Day to give us a perfect start to 2015. The European update confirms the arrival of Captain Toad's starring début, in addition to some Game Boy...