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    Virtual Console / Neo Geo

    Review Baseball Stars 2

    Lace up your cleats and step onto the diamond with the pros of Baseball Stars 2.

    Are you getting sick of all the sub-par sports games on VC (excluding Kirby's Dream Course, Punch-Out!! and, to some, Ice Hockey)? Yeah? Well, here's Baseball Stars 2 - a game breaks every rule in the book and delivers a completely crazy experience filled to the top...

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    Virtual Console / TurboGrafx-16

    Review The Dynastic Hero

    Take control of Dyna as he battles through action-filled stages.

    Dynastic Hero is basically identical to the Megadrive Wonderboy in Monsterworld. Anyone who has played this MD classic will know that this is no bad thing - it's one of the strongest titles in the Wonderboy series. However, this version features different characters. I can only guess that after the PC Engine started to beat the..


  • News Japanese Virtual Console List - December 2007

    A lot of sequels in this month's Japanese VC list. A couple of surprises (Including the next N64 game) as well. Without further ado:

    Japanese VC List - December: Famicom: Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku: Soreyuke Daiundoukai (The Japan-only sequel to River City Ransom/Street Gangs) - December 4th Super Mario Bros. 3 Metal Slader Glory Lunar Pool Super Famicom: Super Street Fighter II: The New..

  • News EU VC Releases - 30th November - Baseball Stars 2

    Two games again for Europe today. If you'd like to go through Wonder Boy in Monster World again with different music, or if you like baseball, you're right at home. Otherwise, tough luck! Baseball Stars 2 is one of the finest games ever made based on the sport, with over the top animations and gameplay. Characters fight each other, break their bats in frustration and more! It's presented in such a ridiculously cool style that everybody who plays it will get a smile on their face.

    We're not sure why Hudson chose to release The Dynastic Hero though. It is literally the..

  • News VC Earns over $30 million so far

    A recent press conference in Tokyo shed some light on the astonishing success of the Virtual Console service so far.

    Nintendo's own Shinji Hatano reiterated a previous figure of 7.8 million downloads and then went on to reveal that currently the service had generated 3.5 billion yen ($33 million / £16 million) The humble Nintendo exec then saids of these figures, "We're currently unsure if..

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    Virtual Console / Sega Mega Drive

    Review Ecco Jr.

    The aquatic adventures of Ecco come to life for a younger generation of gamers.

    Ouch - what happened here? Ecco the Dolphin, suddenly transformed into a kid-friendly educational game? In this game, you play as Ecco Jr., a younger version of Ecco, or one of his two friends (Tara the baby orca or Kitnee the baby Atlantic dolphin). There is no real difference between them besides looks, however. When..

  • News US VC Releases - 26th November - Vegas Stakes

    After last week's "big" releases for the Wii's one year anniversary, calling this week "underwhelming" would be an understatement. While it's a total of three games, we can't really seriously recommend any of them to everybody. The only good game this week is Vegas Stakes, a gambling simulation for the SNES. It's all well and good for gambling fans, but everybody else (Which is very likely a lot of people) would be better off skipping it unless they're really interested in finding out how the casino world works.


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    Virtual Console / NES

    Review Bubble Bobble

    Bubble Bobble is a puzzle-action game featuring the two Bubble Dragons, Bub and Bob.

    Bub and Bob are two rosy-cheeked dinosaurs who spit bubbles at their enemies and pop those bubbles for food rewards, all on the quest to save their girlfriends. If you don’t remember this classic arcade game from yesteryear you’ll probably know the two main...

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    Virtual Console / Neo Geo

    Review The King of Fighters '94

    Fatal Fury x Art of Fighting.

    Although SNK's Fatal Fury and Samurai Shodown franchises placed the company on the map as far as 2D fighting games were concerned, it wasn't until the release of the first King of Fighters game SNK could go toe-to-toe with Capcom's Street Fighter – and win. For the uninitiated, KOF involves picking a team of three...

  • News EU VC Releases - 23rd November - The King of Fighters '94

    Only two games for Europe this week, but who cares? Both of them are fantastic games, each with their own cult following! First off, we have The King of Fighters '94, the first in a long, long SNK fighting series, which has yearly installments (It's still going!). The series combines characters and stages from various SNK series into one massive game, which provides tons and tons of entertainment. There's a reason it's loved by so much people!

    Second this week, it's Taito's classic arcade game, Bubble Bobble! As Bub and Bob your objective is to trap enemies in bubbles and then pop them to defeat them. Sou..

  • News Japan gets Wii SNES Pad

    We're not jealous types here at VC Reviews but the news that Japanese Club Nintendo owners will be getting their hands on a Wii version of the classic SNES control pad has made us green with envy. Nintendo of Japan's 'Club' service is clearly head and shoulders above its Western counterparts! Why can't we get fantastic goodies like this over here?


  • News US VC Releases - 19th November - Wrecking Crew

    The Wii's out a year today in the US, so to celebrate, have another Mario game! Wrecking Crew is one of the more unknown Mario games, frequently not even being mentioned in lists of his games. Despite this, the game has held up very well, and those who've played it agree that's it really fun. With 100 stages and a level editor it's more than worth the price.

    Nintendo also apparently found it a good..

  • News The Virtual Console Archive is One Today!

    Crack out the cocktail sausages and don your party hats, because today the Virtual Console Archive celebrates its first birthday along with the North American release of the Nintendo Wii.

    When we started this site over twelve months ago we saw it as a side project that would keep us busy once we'd ran out of things to do over at The Mean Machines Archive. Little did we know that the VCA would go on..

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    Virtual Console / NES

    Review Double Dribble

    Double Dribble is a 5-on-5 basketball game for the NES, based on the 1986 arcade game of the same name.

    This is the first basketball game to come to VC, and unfortunately for us, it's not very good. While Double Dribble was fairly popular back in the day due to the graphics (There are some cutscenes with fairly detailed stuff, like a crowd marching into a stadium or a player making a slam dunk) it..

  • News EU VC Releases - 16th November - Double Dribble

    If you were expecting another hugely popular, great game today to coincide with the release of Super Mario Galaxy, you are, sadly, wrong. While the game (Yes, GAME) was indeed quite popular, I wouldn't quite call it good these days.

    Today's ONLY new game is Double Dribble for the NES. It's another one of those games like China Warrior - The game attracted many people because of it's good graphics,..

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    / Super Nintendo

    Review Axelay

    Who said the SNES couldn't handle shmups?

    Regardless of the fact that it was released fairly early on in the life of Nintendo's 16-bit console, Axelay remains one of the best looking and most impressive shooters available for the format. Employing a similar format to Konami stable mate Lifeforce, Axelay switches between a vertical and horizontal...

  • News The Shaft - Virtual Console joystick

    Much like people had a little chuckle at the name of the Wii the trend continues with the upcoming release of a new joystick for the Virtual Console from Overline Gaming. It is amusingly named The Shaft. We like to think this is a reference to the cool private detective John Shaft however it could be taken in different ways!

    Designed as a Virtual Console controller, The Shaft is a pretty..

  • News US VC Releases - 12th November - Axelay (+ Worldwide Mii Contest Channel)

    Only one exciting VC game for the US today, but it doesn't matter too much - Super Mario Galaxy is out in the US today!

    This week's great game is Axelay. One of the SNES's finest shmups (And one of the most loved ones of all time!). It has very unique 3D-esque effects which give it a unique style almost no other game has copied. This one's worth checking out if you like the genre! Whether you like..

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    Virtual Console / Neo Geo

    Review Blue's Journey

    I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa

    The Neo Geo is known primarily for its fighting games and the occasional shoot-em-up, so it’s good to come across a cutesy platformer on the system. If you are familiar with Super Mario Bros 2 on the NES you’ll have an idea of what to expect from Blue’s Journey. Every good platformer has a gimmick: in this one the...

  • News EU VC Releases - 9th November - Super Mario Bros 3

    Thankfully, Europe didn't have to wait long to get Super Mario Bros. 3 after America got it earlier this week. This game needs no introduction. It's easily one of the best games ever made (And according to many, THE best game ever made). If you haven't ever played it, you honestly have no idea what you're missing. Shame on you!

    The other two games this week aren't so hot. First up is Power Golf for..

  • News Check Mii Out Channel to hit on Sunday

    Get ready to make some more free space this coming Sunday, because a new Channel will hit the Wii Shop in America (Possibly also other regions, unknown for now though). It's the Check Mii Out Channel, which was announced a few months ago.

    Despite it coming so soon, there are still no official videos or screenshots yet. There are however a few videos on YouTube, made at Nintendo conferences..

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    Wii Virtual Console / NES

    Review Super Mario Bros. 3

    The Mario Bros get even more super

    Back in 1990 when this was released in the USA, Mario fever was at an all time high. A few months earlier, there had even been a movie released called ‘The Wizard’ with that kid from the Wonder Years, which was essentially a commercial for this game. If you never played Super Mario Bros. 3 when it was first...

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    Virtual Console / TurboGrafx-16

    Review Power Golf

    Every system needs a golf game, right?

    If Wii Sports’ gesture controlled club swinging has grown old for you, the more in-depth game offered in Hudson’s Power Golf might be of interest. There are three modes of play on offer here: stroke play is for a solo player, match play lets you take on a friend, and competition play allows for two to three players. When the game is in action you get a..

  • News US VC Releases - 5th November - Super Mario Bros 3

    With the release of Mario Galaxy next week our pals at Nintendo have decided that the long wait is finally over. Today the North American region gets the sublime Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES. This game will not need much introduction for most Nintendo fans. You'll have either played it back in the days, on a SNES with Mario All-stars or the GBA port. Either way you cannot afford to be without this. The best game on the Virtual Console to date! (Well next to Super Mario World of course!)


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    Virtual Console / Sega Mega Drive

    Review Alien Soldier

    As Epsilon-Eagle, you are an alien soldier who has been genetically-engineered to produce maximum intelligence and strength.

    Treasure produced some of the finest games for the Sega Megadrive such as Gunstar Heroes and Dynamite Headdy, both of which are available on the Virtual Console. Alien Soldier follows in that great Treasure tradition by being a great game that shows off what Sega’s 16 bit..

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    Virtual Console / Sega Mega Drive

    Review Sonic 3D Blast

    The evil Dr. Eggman stumbles upon an alternate dimension where some odd birds called Flickies have the ability to travel anywhere.

    After producing three Sonic titles for the Genesis/Megadrive Sega decided to do something a little different – instead of creating another platformer they produced an isometric adventure with CGI rendered graphics, and...

  • News EU VC Releases - 2nd November - Sega Week

    Less Sega games than normal in this month's Sega week - only two, instead of three. But one of them is fantastic, and there's two other games as well, so there's no reason to complain! Or is there?

    The top pick is Treasure's awesome run 'n gun game for the Mega Drive, Alien Soldier. It's a bit like the also available Gunstar Heroes, but ever so slightly slower paced, with less cannon fodder and..


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    Virtual Console / TurboGrafx-16

    Review Samurai Ghost

    This action platformer features a samurai ghost from the depths of the underworld.

    The ghost of a samurai? Surely this must be awesome! Unfortunately, the truth is far from it. You play the ghost of a samurai who has returned to avenge himself. Thankfully the game information tells us this, as the main character looks nothing like a samurai. Your...

  • News US VC Releases - 29th October - Magician Lord

    Two sequels and a standalone game today, the highlight of the bunch being the standalone one - Magician Lord. This is a great arcade-style platformer (And thus also the first non-fighter Neo Geo game) which features some pretty tough challenges. It's certainly not for the less skilled players! One could argue that it is currently the most arcady game on VC, so if you want that quarter-munching feeling of the good old days, this is for you.

    To tie in with Halloween this week, the US gets the appropriately themed Castlevania II. While not completely the same as the first Castlevania, it features m..

  • News TMNT increases in price for Europe

    A strange development recently (We are unsure when), as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles now also costs 600 Wii Points in Europe (And Australia) instead of 500, just like America.

    Not that this really matters, as the game's not very good. We sincerely hope that you don't download it now, why would you buy a stinker for an increased price!? Save your Wii...

  • News Virtual Console gift giving service

    Nintendo President Satoru Iwata unveiled a function recently that allows users to send each other games over the Internet using the Wii's shopping channel.

    With a few clicks, a user will be able to select a game to send as a gift to another user online, Iwata said. When the recipient accepts, the Wii automatically launches the shopping channel and begins the download. "We think this will be a..

  • News Japanese Virtual Console list - November 2007

    Japan's Virtual Console list for November has been published, and it has some surprises - including a fan-favourite SNES puzzler. Yup, it's none other than Nintendo's strange take on Tetris (Well, that's what they want you to believe anyway), Tetris Attack! Alongside it are a few more small surprises, including the first Square game that was originally released outside Japan. Here's the full list:


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    Virtual Console / Neo Geo

    Review Magician Lord

    It's magic!

    One of the first games produced for SNK’s arcade system, Magician Lord is a lot like Capcom’s Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts. You play the titular wizard as he battles to defend his homeland from the evil advances of the absurdly named Gul-Agieze. Considering the age of the game the visuals and sound are both excellent. The sprites...

  • News EU VC Releases - 26th October - Magician Lord

    Instead of the third Neo Geo fighting game, Europe's in for a treat today - You can now download the great platformer action game, Magician Lord! This great game features a fantastic soundtrack, great visuals and fun gameplay, including the ability to shapeshift into different forms.

    Second today is what is perhaps the first not so great Nintendo 64 game - Yoshi's Story. While Yoshi fans will no..

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    Virtual Console / TurboGrafx-16

    Review Super Air Zonk: Rockabilly Paradise

    Zonk is back in Super Air Zonk, the sequel to the shooting game spin-off of the Bonk series.

    Fans of excellent Turbografx-16 shoot-em-up Air Zonk will undoubtedly be intrigued by this sequel which was released in the latter years of the console for the CD-Rom attachment. Given the CD format, it would be fair to expect the sequel to be a vast improvement over the HuCard original, but sadly, this is..

  • News US VC Releases - 22nd October - Ninja JaJaMaru-kun

    Nothing too grand for the US today - two average games and one that leans slightly towards the bad side. Still, you should check them out, as one of the games, Ninja JaJaMaru-kun, is a previously Japan-only game. It's a strange little arcadey platformer, in which you take out ever-stronger enemies through an infinite number of rounds in order to rescue your love, the princess Sakura, from the evil Lord Namazu Dayuu. As with all other import games, it comes at an increased price - 600 Wii Points.

    Another NES offering today comes in the form of Lunar Pool. T..

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    Wii Virtual Console / NES

    Review Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

    Simon's flawed quest

    Castlevania was a smash hit. Despite the difficulty of the game and its lack of quality in some areas it was loved worldwide and proved very popular. It was a no-brainer for Konami to create a sequel. Perhaps borrowing ideas from Nintendo (Super Mario Bros. 2, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, etc.) the game is very different...

  • News EU VC Releases - 19th October - Castlevania II

    A diverse selection for Europe today, as besides a shoot 'em up and a fighter, we get the strange sequel to the original Castlevania, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. The game is a lot different from the original game, though the influence is still very obvious. Instead of fighting your way through linear levels, you've instead got a large overworld to explore, complete with dungeons and secrets! The game's been criticized a lot over the years, and has even been called "most disappointing sequel of all time", but this is honestly not doing it any justice, as it's a pretty good game. Just don't expect anything similar to the original!


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    / Super Nintendo

    Review Metal Marines

    Heavy metal

    The Japanese love big robots; you only have to look at series like Gundam, Macross and Patlabor to see this. However they seem to like strategy videogames a lot less, which is what makes Namco's Metal Marines (Militia in Japan) all the more surprising. Released at a time where real time strategy titles were only just beginning to...

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    Wii Virtual Console / NES

    Review Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos

    The ninja returns

    Ryu Hayabusa is back, and this time he brings his dad along for the ride. Well, not really, that was Indiana Jones, wasn’t it? The storyline is largely irrelevant; the point is this series features Ninja action, and therefore a sequel was inevitable. What we really want to know is how this Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos...

  • News US VC Releases - 15th October - Gate of Thunder

    You only got Neo Geo games last week, but now it's time for another treat - The first TurboGrafx-CD game! Gate of Thunder is a stunningly good shoot 'em up that has the power to pretty much destroy any other shmup on VC. A fantastic soundtrack, great graphics (Check out the parallax scrolling!), and fair, fun gameplay (Nothing overly cheap!) all make this a great game to have for any shmup fan. Not one to miss!

    Second today is the second title in most peoples' favourite NES ninja series - Ninja Gaiden II. It's a great sequel to the already available original game, but don't expect it to be any easier! Damn..

  • News Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel hits Europe

    The patience of those who waited in order to watch some Metroid Prime 3 trailers has paid off - The Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel is now available on the European Wii Shop Channel.

    You can find it under the Wii Software section in the Wii Shop, and it, obviously, comes absolutely free of charge! There are currently six videos available, with one more being added this friday. Next week is Metroid..

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    Virtual Console / TurboGrafx-16

    Review Gate of Thunder

    The legendary sci-fi shooter is back!

    Playing very much like the highly regarded Thunderforce IV, Gate of Thunder represented a turning point for the PC Engine/TG-16 CD-ROM format. So long the recipient of sub-par ports and lackluster titles, the system was given a much-needed shot in the arm with this stunning shooter. Hudson and NEC promoted the...

  • News EU VC Releases - 12th October - Super Metroid

    After many long, long months, the time has finally arrived for Europeans: The legendary Super Metroid is now available on VC! In the third Metroid game, Samus travels back to Zebes to dispose of the Space Pirates once and for all. It's one of her longest and greatest adventures ever, and if you haven't played the game before, you honestly owe it to yourself to experience it, as it is often classed among the top games in Nintendo's history. Also, this is the 150th game on the European VC!


  • News US VC Releases - 8th October - Neo Geo Week

    It's fighting time for the US today, as not one, but three Neo Geo games hit VC. And all three are fighters! All three are the first in their respective series.

    First up is Fatal Fury. This is pretty much one of the most well-known fighters besides Street Fighter. It has some neat ideas, such as being able to hop into the background and back to the foreground, but it also has some negative points..

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    Virtual Console / Neo Geo

    Review Art of Fighting

    Art of the deal

    What with this, Samurai Showdown, Fatal Fury and World Heroes, the Virtual Console is certainly going to have its fair share of one-on-one fighters! Art of Fighting was another attempt by SNK to usurp Capcom’s Street Fighter 2 from the position of ‘best 2D fighter’ back in the early ‘90s. Again, SNK have shamelessly stolen...

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    Virtual Console / Neo Geo

    Review World Heroes

    A fighting game released in 1992 featuring eight characters, including Hanzo, Janne and Rasputin, modeled on historical figures from throughout the ages.

    Released when the avalanche of Street Fighter 2 clones hit arcades in the early ‘90s, World Heroes was a minor success that gained a cult following thanks to a combination of impressive graphics, crazy characters and half-decent gameplay. Like..

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    Virtual Console / Sega Mega Drive

    Review Golden Axe III

    The once-peaceful kingdom so familiar to fans of the original Golden Axe is under threat once again.

    If you’ve played Golden Axe 2 then you will no doubt be aware that it’s a little too similar to its predecessor. When Sega came to create the third game in the Megadrive trilogy it obviously realized that a sweeping change was in order. Sadly,...

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    Virtual Console / Neo Geo

    Review Fatal Fury

    SNK's answer to Street Fighter II

    When you consider the sheer volume of one-on-one fighters produced by SNK over the past decade or so it's amazing to think that 1991's Fatal Fury was the first time they'd attempted such a game since the company's inception in 1978. Produced to compete with Capcom's legendary Street Fighter II, SNK's game was very...

  • News EU VC Releases - 5th October - Fatal Fury and Sega Week

    The time has come - The first Neo Geo game has hit the European VC! As expected, it's the classic fighter, Fatal Fury. Play as Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard or Joe Higashi and try to avenge yourself on Geese Howard. Neo Geo games cost 900 Wii Points each (As previously stated), due to their great graphic and sound quality.

    Joining Fatal Fury are 4 Mega Drive titles, as it's the first update of the..

  • News Dress up your Wii remote, for free!

    Due to the many complaints over the past months about how Wii remotes slip out of hands easily, Nintendo will soon start packing "Wii remote jackets" with Wii systems and additional remotes. If you already have a Wii though, you can order them free! Simply head to your region's Nintendo site and fill in the form to receive your free remote jackets starting mid-October.

    Here's the links to..

  • News US VC Releases - 1st October - Two Japan-only games

    Apparently trying to imitate Europe's past couple of weeks, the US gets two previously Japan-only games this week.

    First up is Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. This game was never released in it's original form outside Japan, no matter what anybody says. The All-Stars and Super Mario Bros. DX versions are both easier, and the SMBDX version even...


  • News SMB: The Lost Levels removed from EU Wii Shop

    Sunday was the last day of September. As such, the Hanabi Festival has now come to an end, and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels has been removed from the Wii Shop. If you didn't download it, you might've missed it forever! Nintendo stated that it was a "collectors' item", which implies that it might not return for a second chance. Still, anything's possible, so if you did miss it, just hope for the best!

    To clear up the confusion which seemed to exist - No, the other Hanabi Festival games are not gone. The Lost Levels is the only game that was available for a l...

  • News Quick! Super Mario The Lost Levels Almost Lost

    Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, originally released on the Famicon and then again on the Virtual Console last month, will be deleted off the VC list in just over an hour.

    Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is the original sequel to Super Mario Bros. and was only released in Japan. The game was very difficult and for this reason it wasn't released elsewhere. instead a similar but much easier and..

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    Review Sin and Punishment

    Run and gun fun

    Treasure is no stranger to the Virtual Console – we've already experienced the sublime 'run and gun' gameplay of Gunstar Heroes and the wonderfully deranged Dynamite Headdy. This tiny Japanese developer has a back catalogue packed with classic titles, but one that sticks out more than most is Sin & Punishment. Released in the...

  • News Japanese Virtual Console list - October 2007

    Not too much big titles in Japan's list for next month, but there's quite a few games that could be coming to Europe and America as well. Have a look!

    Japan's list for October: Famicom: Esper Dream (October 2nd) Zanac Famicom Tantei Club Part I River City Ransom/Street Gangs Hanjuku Hero Super Famicom: Cybernator Donkey Kong Country 2 Nintendo 64: Yoshi's Story Sega Mega Drive: Streets of Rage..

  • News EU VC Releases - 28th September - Sci-Fi Week

    Get to your Wii! It's Sci-Fi Week! Part of this final Hanabi Festival update is Sin and Punishment, the highly anticipated N64 action game never released outside Japan! It has an inflated price like most Japan-only games before it - 1200 Points. If you love yourself, get this. It's an extremely good game, somewhat like Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars, except even better. This is the first Japan-only game to be translated! All menus and such are in English!

    Gradius III for SNES makes up the middle of this week's parade. It was not released in Europe, as such, this is the American version. Like Ninja Gaiden last..

  • News Samba De Amigo Coming To Virtual Console

    SEGA open the door for Dreamcast games to hit the Wii's Virtual Console starting with rythmn action favourite Samba De Amigo.

    US publication Nintendo Power gave the word that Gearbox Software (Brothers in Arms) will be working on the game. Samba de Amigo marks the first time that a Dreamcast title will be heading to Virtual Console but also spells concerns for the Wii's lack of memory. Dreamcast..

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    Virtual Console / TurboGrafx-16

    Review Legend of Hero Tonma

    Fight your way through seven stages using Tonma's jump ability and shot power.

    What happens when you cross Ninja Spirit and a shoot 'em up? This. Unsurprisingly, it's a game by Irem, who made both Ninja Spirit and quite a few shoot 'em ups! Also not surprising is that it’s a port of the arcade game of the same name; again, just like Ninja Spirit!...

  • News US VC Releases - 24th September - Streets of Rage 3

    The long-awaited final part of Final Fight's rival series, Streets of Rage, hits the American VC today. Yup, it's Streets of Rage 3! The game's had quite a lot of criticism over the years (Especially compared to Streets of Rage 2), but it's still a great game and any beat 'em up fan should check it out (Though SoR2 should still take priority).

    Second today is a catchup game for Americans - Kirby's..

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    Virtual Console / Sega Mega Drive

    Review Streets of Rage 3

    Just when you thought the world was safe from the Syndicate and its shady leader, Mr. X, they have returned to torment the city once again.

    Streets of Rage 3 has been the victim of much flak over the past few years. Coming after the sublime Streets of Rage 2, the third installment had a fight (ho-ho!) on its hands to better such a fantastic game. On paper, it certainly seems like it should be up to..

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    Virtual Console / NES

    Review Ninja JaJaMaru-kun

    This action game features a ninja called JaJaMaru, who uses his shuriken to defeat monsters and save Princess Sakura from the evil Lord Namazu Dayuu.

    Of all the Japan-only games to be given new life on the Virtual Console, Nintendo, oddly enough, picked this one. While on the surface it looks like another not-very-good arcade game, it's actually...

  • News EU VC Releases - 21st September - Ninja Week

    As promised by Nintendo, this week is "Ninja Week", with two new ninja-related games and an unrelated Turbografx game. No real surprises here this week, I'm afraid.

    First up is the NES platformer Ninja Gaiden. Originally released in Europe originally as Shadow Warriors, it's a fast-paced ninja platformer with loads of action. Blame Nintendo of Europe for working in odd ways, because for..

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    Wii Virtual Console / Nintendo 64

    Review Yoshi's Story

    Not Yoshi's finest hour

    Remember Yoshi's Island on the Super NES? That awesome platformer that swapped the roles and made Yoshi the main hero with (Baby) Mario being the sidekick? It's become iconic, but this is perhaps the first "real" Yoshi game (Mario isn't in the name and he's barely seen in the game) and it does things a bit differently. The...

  • News US VC Releases - 17th September - Yoshi's Story

    merican gamers expecting an update akin to Europe's last update, prepare for disappointment or joy, depending on how you look at it. You don't get Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels or Super Picross, instead you get the next N64 game.And no, it's not..

    merican gamers expecting an update akin to Europe's last update, prepare for disappointment or joy, depending on how you look at it. You don't get..

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    Virtual Console / Sega Mega Drive

    Review Super Thunder Blade

    In this follow-up to Thunder Blade, you'll fly a new and improved attack helicopter in a series of attacks against guerilla armies that are bent on taking over the world.

    One of the very first Megadrive/Genesis releases, Super Thunder Blade is a pretty underwhelming action title that failed to get pulses racing when it was converted to the 16-bit...

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    Virtual Console / TurboGrafx-16

    Review World Class Baseball

    Acclaimed for its steady game play, World Class Baseball is the definitive baseball game on the TurboGrafx16.

    This game began life known as Power League on the Japanese PC Engine and spawned many sequels due to the popularity of Baseball in Japan. The game offers a comprehensive range of options to fine tune your game. For instance you can switch...

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    Wii Virtual Console / Super Nintendo

    Review Mario's Super Picross

    You won't pi cross buying this

    Ask anybody to name some Mario puzzlers and you'll most likely hear Dr. Mario, maybe Wario's Woods, Yoshi or Yoshi's Cookie. They never name the best of the lot though — Mario's Super Picross, or its predecessor, 1995 Game Boy title

  • News September is Hanabi Festival in Europe

    Nintendo of Europe has announced their VC plans for the rest of the month, and they've got quite a treat: They're releasing 4 more games that weren't released in Europe before in what they call the "Hanabi Festival" - The Hanabi Festival is a Japanese fireworks show which starts in mid-September and ends at the end of September.

    The update of September 21st will be "Ninja Week",..

  • News TurboGrafx-CD games for the VC?

    More encouraging news in the world of the Virtual Console today. It looks as if PC Engine CD-ROM2 games will be hitting the VC soon according to Nikkei's all Japanese website. The initial releases are thought to be Ys Book 1 & 2 and Cho Aniki.

    Ys is one of the finest RPGs on the system and Cho Aniki is a weird and wonderful shooter from the...

  • News EU VC Releases - 14th September - Double Japan-only games

    very big surprise for Europeans today, as they get not one, but TWO titles that were previously only released in Japan. And Europe gets Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland and Super Paper Mario today as well!The first game today is Super Mario Bros.: The Lost..

    very big surprise for Europeans today, as they get not one, but TWO titles that were previously only released in Japan. And Europe gets Tingle's..

  • 30

    Virtual Console / NES

    Review Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

    For the first time outside of Japan – experience the original sequel to the best-selling video game of all time!

    Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is a bit of an oddity. "The Lost Levels" isn't even it's real title - This is actually the real version of Super Mario Bros. 2. Japan got this game (As SMB2), but when Nintendo realized...

  • News Neo Geo confirmed for US Virtual Console

    NK has issued a press release to inform us that Neo Geo games will indeed appear on the American VC. They have also revealed 3 of the titles to appear, and all of them are fighters! They are Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury and World Heroes (Yes,..

    NK has issued a press release to inform us that Neo Geo games will indeed appear on the American...

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    Virtual Console / NES

    Review NES Play Action Football

    Ready! Hut hut hut…

    Coming quite late in the life of the NES - 1990 to be exact - Play Action Football was Nintendo's attempt at creating a realistic gridiron game for their aging, yet still popular console. The diagonal viewpoint is 'fake 3D' which looks a little pathetic by today's standards but was pretty impressive back then. At least it looks...

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    Virtual Console / TurboGrafx-16

    Review Neutopia II

    Some years have passed since the brave hero Jazeta destroyed Dirth, the Emperor of Darkness.

    Looking very much like it predecessor, Neutopia II plays more like an expansion pack than a fully-fledged sequel. Shamelessly stealing ideas from Nintendo’s Zelda series, this action RPG trundles along quite amiably but never really reaches the heights of the games it tries so hard to emulate. However,..