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  • News Drake's Ratings Roundup - June 2008

    As we don't usually create a news article for each new game that gets a rating, we thought it would be a good idea to do a monthly roundup listing each game rated by every ratings board to keep you up to date.

    Here is a quick explanation of the different rating boards which we track: ESRB rated: The ESRB stands for Entertainment Software Rating Board and is North America's rating board. Anything..

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    Virtual Console / Commodore 64

    Review Summer Games II

    The pinnacle of athletic achievement. The Summer Games.

    The second Epyx sports title (and third Virtual Console release) provides eight entertaining events, of which half can be enjoyed split-screen with another player. As usual, you have a choice of which events to compete in (or practice) and how many players there are – each represented by their name and country. With the (debatable)..

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    Virtual Console / Sega Mega Drive

    Review Super Fantasy Zone

    Take on the role of Opa-Opa, who is on a mission to avenge the death of his father.

    Given that the original Fantasy Zone achieved quite a cult status in arcades and on the various 8-bit consoles of the time period, it's certainly no surprise that the game spawned a few sequels and spin-offs. Super Fantasy Zone represents what many fans of the series consider to be the best overall Fantasy Zone..

  • News Japanese Virtual Console list - July 2008

    As it's the last Friday of the month once again, Nintendo of Japan has revealed their Virtual Console plans for the next month. There are some notable games here, including (finally) Donkey Kong 3, the first Space Harrier, another Fire Emblem, and Shining Force II.

    The full list is as follows: Famicom: Dig Dug (July 1st) Chack'n Pop Donkey Kong 3 Super Famicom: Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 Nintendo..

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    Virtual Console / Neo Geo

    Review King of the Monsters

    Monster mash

    King of the Monsters is one of those titles that, despite being a very mediocre game overall, enjoys a fairly strong following around the gaming community. The game takes the classic "giant monster stomping through cities" made famous in the King Kong and Godzilla movies, and somehow builds a one-on-one fighting game around it. But...

  • News EU VC Releases - 27th June - Super Fantasy Zone

    After this week, it is rather safe to assume that Nintendo of Europe is indeed following a pattern. There's 5 new VC games to pick from, and like two weeks ago, no WiiWare games.

    The top pick might be argued about, but if you ask us, it's Super Fantasy Zone for the Mega Drive. The game plays pretty much exactly the same as the original Fantasy Zone...

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    Virtual Console / Commodore 64

    Review Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine

    Federation storage depots have been raided by pirates, taking valuable minerals, jewels, ammunition and the latest battle weaponry.

    Part shooter, part maze game, you are tasked to track down and retrieve stolen cargo from pirates, returning it to a storage depot at the end of each level (of which there are 3) before time runs out. Not that the...

  • News Super Mario RPG Released in Japan Today

    It's a big day for Japanese Wii owners - Earlier today, Super Mario RPG was made available for download in the Wii Shop. The game costs 900 Wii Points (For some reason, a bunch of games in Japan, mostly RPGs, cost more than normal).

    The game was recently rated by the OFLC, so it should be coming to Europe/Australia as well. As it was never released...

  • News US VC Releases - 23rd June - Alex Kidd in Miracle World

    Not too bad of a week for the US today, especially if you couple it up with what was released on WiiWare.

    The pick of the bunch is of course Alex Kidd in Miracle World, the first in the Alex Kidd series and arguably the best. The game is rather simple and fun to play, unlike its many sequels which mostly introduced new, not so good elements which downgraded the experience by quite a margin. The..

  • News USK Rated: International Karate+ and Cybernoid for C64

    Some good news for Commodore 64 fans today. Two aging classics have been rated by the German ratings organisation, the USK, so we expect them to be on the Virtual Console in due course.

    International Karate+, or IK+ to its friends is rather obviously the sequel to International Karate which is also on the VC. It was released almost a year and a half after the original in 1987. IK+ also features a..

  • News Secret of Evermore - Brian Fehdrau Interview

    Our resident reviewer Corbie Dillard has been busy securing some fresh content for his SNES fansite. He really struck gold with a recent interview which he did with Brian Fehdrau, the lead programmer on the Squaresoft USA team that developed the Super Nintendo rpg hit Secret of Evermore.

    At the present moment, Square seem to be reluctant to throw up...

  • News ESRB To Crack Down On Early Leaks Of Games

    Since the very beginning of VC Reviews we have rounded up the latest games which should be headed to the Virtual Console on our coming soon list so you have the inside scoop on what games are coming up.

    One of the primary ways we do this is by checking game content ratings on the ESRB website. Basically if a game doesn’t get rated there then it won’t be coming out in North America. It has been..

  • News EU VC Releases - 20th June - Epic Fail

    Things are dire in Europe again this week. Those 5 releases last week must've been to throw us off-guard and then give us this: Absolutely nothing!

    Yes, it's the same situation as two weeks ago: While there are (two) WiiWare games, there is not a single new Virtual Console game. One has to wonder what Nintendo of Europe is thinking with a strategy...

  • News Nintendo Channel Gets An Update

    If you live in North America or Japan you can now view some more information on the Nintendo Channel. If you've looked around the channel in the time it's been out you can probably guess what this is - The results of all the data people have entered so far concerning their Wii, VC and WiiWare games can now be viewed.

    This means you can see if the games are generally considered to be for the..

  • News US VC Release - 16th June - Samurai Shodown

    The WiiWare push in North America continues, as Nintendo of America is releasing two WiiWare games this week while only giving minimal attention to Virtual Console, by releasing just one game. At least it's a good one!

    Samurai Shodown (That's not Showdown, a mistake a lot of people make) was one of the first fighting games where characters used...

  • News N64 Controller Mod For Virtual Console

    Although the Classic Controller is enough for most retro-loving Wii owners, there are some that crave a rather more authentic experience. There’s nothing like experiencing Virtual Console games on the controllers they were intended to be played on, and while Nintendo’s limited production of the Club Nintendo SNES pad will have satisfied a few, it’s going to leave a certain demographic out in the cold – namely those who love the N64 controller.

    But fear not. A talented hacker called Raphaël Assénat and been tinkering away in his dimly-lit workshop and has produced a converter that permits the use of the..

  • News South Korea: Two More VC Updates

    South Korea is slowly but surely catching up on the enormous back catalogue of Virtual Console games released elsewhere, as they didn't get the Wii (And thus VC) until last April.

    On May the 26th, they got Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari (River City Ransom), Super Mario Bros. 3 (Oddly enough skipping 2) and Donkey Kong Country. Last week, on the 10th...

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    Virtual Console / Neo Geo

    Review Fatal Fury 2

    Street Fighter 2 it ain't

    Although the original Fatal Fury was undoubtedly one of the best challengers to square up to Capcom’s Street Fighter 2, many would argue that SNK’s franchise didn’t really get into its stride until the sequel was released. Improving on the first title in practically every way possible, Fatal Fury 2 was one of the...

  • News OFLC Update - Super Mario RPG On Its Way To Europe

    It's time to rejoice, as Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars has been rated by the OFLC today!

    Fans have longed for this game's release on VC for an eternity - It was listed on the ESRB around the Wii's launch but mysteriously disappeared along with some other games later. After not hearing anything about the game for about a year, it was announced that Japan would be getting the game this..

  • News EU VC Releases - 13th June - The Last Ninja 2, Alex Kidd and more!

    After last week's VC disaster, we assume everybody was hoping Nintendo would release an extra large amount of new games this week as some sort of apology. Well, they have chosen to do exactly that, as there's five new games now available!

    Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance is quite similar to the first game (also on VC), featuring the same isometric gameplay with fighting and puzzles to solve..

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    Virtual Console / Master System

    Review Alex Kidd in Miracle World

    In Miracle World you'll have to contend with the evil Janken the Great, who will send his henchmen and monsters at you to thwart your progress.

    Following the incredible success of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros series, Sega decided that it too needed a platform game with an identifiable mascot. The result was Alex Kidd in Miracle World, which...

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    Virtual Console / Commodore 64

    Review Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance

    The Ninja, known as the Mystic Shadow Warriors, were the elite fighting force of Ninth Century Feudal Japan.

    The second instalment of the Last Ninja trilogy transports Armakuni to New York, where he must confront the evil Shogun Kunitoki once more. Your travels are once again displayed in a flip screen isometric format, as you explore the unfamiliar surroundings of Central Park and downtown..

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    Virtual Console / Commodore 64

    Review Nebulus

    Weird things are happening on Planet Nebulus.

    Nebulus (known as Tower Toppler in the US and Castelian in its NES and Game Boy incarnations) is another title from Hewson that is memorable largely due to its idiosyncratic presentation. The game is particularly noted for its striking visual design, and justifiably so, as it takes the basic structure of a platform game, and with a simple twist (pun not..

  • News SNK Virtual Console Releases In Jeopardy?

    It’s been on the cards for some time now but Ignition Entertainment has officially announced the Euro release of SNK’s Arcade Classics Collection, Volume One.

    This retro anthology is already available on the Sony PS2 and PSP and contains 16 choice cuts from the back catalogue of this illustrious company. All of the games are taken from the library of the near-legendary Neo-Geo console, which..

  • News Only Geeks And Otaku Want Extra Storage On The Wii

    In a recent interview with Edge Magazine, Laurent Fischer, managing director of marketing at Nintendo Europe had the nerve to call Nintendo fans wishing for more storage space to download VC and WiiWare games “geeks and otaku”!

    Here is a section of the interview directly from this month’s Edge: First Nintendo will not be concentrating any...

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    Wii Virtual Console / NES

    Review Dig Dug

    Do we dig it?

    Pac-Man wasn't the only popular arcade game Namco made. Aside from Galaga, Mappy, and others, there was also Dig Dug. In Dig Dug, your objective is to dig through the earth's soil and eliminate the monsters lurking within it. You can move through the soil (Thus creating tunnels) by simply moving around, but defeating the monsters is...

  • News US VC Releases - 9th June - NES Import Duo

    If you've been pining for some more imports in the US, you're in luck today - There's two of them. You might think one of them was in fact released outside Japan, but the contrary is true - It, surprisingly, never was.

    That game is Dig Dug, the arcade game from Namco where you control "Dig Dug" (Later officially named Taizo Hori), a digger tunneling his way through the earth in order to..

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    Wii Virtual Console / NES

    Review Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa

    Oh baby!

    Let's be honest, a platformer built around a tiny baby and his rattle doesn't exactly beam with potential from the start, so it's no small wonder that this game was originally rejected by Nintendo of America at the time it was submitted for release in the US. But if you look at screenshots of Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa and prematurely dismiss...

  • News EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!

    When we got Paradroid during the week of the WiiWare launch, many thought we narrowly dodged a bullet (As the US and Japan both got no VC games at all with the WiiWare launch). Sadly, it seems Nintendo of Europe has decided to make us suffer through a no-VC-game-week after all, because that is the case today.

    It's not as if the Wii Shop is unupdated...

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    Virtual Console / Neo Geo

    Review Ninja Combat

    Ninja Combat is a scrolling beat 'em up featuring, as the title suggests, ninjas.

    One of the first releases for SNK’s Neo Geo console, Ninja Combat is unsurprisingly a little rough around the edges. Graphically it’s not really a massive leap up from the likes of the SNES or Megadrive/Genesis (bear in mind that when this game was first published...

  • News US VC Release - 2nd June - Ninja Combat

    This week isn't very interesting for the US Virtual Console, sadly. It is suggested that this week you take a look at WiiWare instead.

    The only VC release this week is Ninja Combat for the Neo Geo. After seeing the success of games like Final Fight and Streets of Rage, Alpha Denshi decided to attempt a beat 'em up themselves. While graphics-wise the game looks ok (Although the actual animation is..


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    Virtual Console / Neo Geo

    Review Burning Fight

    A poor mans Final Fight

    In the early days of the Neo-Geo SNK tried its hardest to cover all of the potential money-making bases of arcade and home console gaming. Fatal Fury catered to the one-on-one fighting crowd, NAM 1975 was an Operation Wolf clone with a difference, and Burning Fight clearly looked towards Capcom’s Final Fight for...

  • News Japanese Virtual Console list - June 2008 (Super Mario RPG!)

    Japan is bound to make every single person in the US, Europe and the rest of the world jealous next month - There's a certain SNES RPG featuring everybody's favourite plumber on the release list, after all... One of the Mega Drive's finest RPGs is also on its way to the land of the rising sun.

    The full list is: Famicom: Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa...

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    Virtual Console / Neo Geo

    Review Samurai Shodown


    SNK became something of a fighting game factory in the early ‘90s, releasing titles like Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury to capitalize on public interest in the genre that had been kick started by a certain 2D fighting title from Cacpom. However, Samurai Showdown (or Samurai Spirits, as it was known in Japan) marked a real change of pace...

  • News EU VC Releases - 30th May - Samurai Shodown

    If you like SNK fighters and N64 puzzlers you're in luck today. There's two news games that fall into the former category, and one that falls in the latter. I think you can guess the N64 game!

    The top pick this week is Samurai Shodown. Instead of making yet another generic modern-day fighter with special moves, like fireballs and such, they decided to make Samurai Shodown, which does pretty much..

  • News MSX Hits Japanese VC, Includes Special Options

    As you might remember, the MSX was set to get its first games on the Japanese Virtual Console this month. Up until yesterday, the two slated games (Aleste and Eggy) still did not have an actual release date though, and it seemed as if they would be delayed again (Making it almost a year after their initial planned release date!). At the very last minute, Nintendo of Japan decided to release Aleste yesterday, together with the rest of the games that were planned for this week.

    That's not all - Aleste (And we assume every future MSX game) actually includes some special options on the VC. You can press the "-..

  • News US VC Releases - 26th May - Metal Slug

    A rather crowded day for the US today - There's two well-known titles, accompanied by two lesser-known ones. One of each of these two sets is a Virtual Console game.

    The well-known VC game is of course Metal Slug for the Neo Geo. As Marco Rossi or Tarma Roving, you have to take on a whole army full of soldiers, tanks, planes, artillery and other machinery. Like in games such as Contra, one hit will..

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    Wii Virtual Console / NES

    Review City Connection

    Driving round a bend

    City Connection was a moderately popular arcade game in the early '80s. The game stars you as a rather strapping young man driving around the world to paint the roads white in order to prove he's been there. Doesn't make much sense to us, but hey, whatever floats his boat! While doing so you must watch out for cars (including...

  • News Soul Blazer – The Virtual Console Release That Never Was?

    During our trips around the wonderful World Wide Web we noticed that a few sites seem to be listing Enix’s excellent Soul Blazer (also know as Soul Blader in Japan) as a Virtual Console title, even going as far as to state that it saw release in North America on the 12th May alongside Konami’s Tiny Toon Adventures. We’ve also had several emails from concerned readers regarding this, too.


  • News EU VC Release - 23rd May - Paradroid

    Seemingly copying the US, Europe's VC only gets one new week. However, because WiiWare launched earlier this week, that makes Europe the only region to get a VC game in the same week as the WiiWare launch (Australia doesn't get C64 games, so we assume they get nothing today!).

    Paradroid puts you in control of a robot on board an abandoned starship...

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    Virtual Console / Commodore 64

    Review Paradroid

    The droid crew of a galactic space freighter have turned against their masters and eradicated every human crew member!

    Legendary amongst C64 fans, and one of the highest rated games of the time, Paradroid’s depth of gameplay has kept it a firm favourite over 20 years later. Loosely categorised as a shoot-em-up, this description belies the subtle complexities to be found whilst you go about your..

  • News US VC Release - May 19th - Sky Kid

    After the amount of VC games in the US gradually started going down (Culminating in no VC games at all last week), it now appears to be slowly going up again, as there's just one new game this week.

    Sky Kid is a NES port of a moderately popular arcade game. It's a shoot 'em up starring the world-famous World War I air pilots, the Red Baron and the Blue Max, who try to blow up enemy bases and..

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    Wii Virtual Console / NES

    Review Sky Kid

    We're not kidding

    Sky Kid is a NES port of the arcade game with the same name. You play as the Red Baron or Blue Max, both famous World War I pilots. Your mission is to fly through hordes of enemy formations, pick up a bomb, and drop it on the enemy's headquarters or main weapon. It is noteworthy that in this game, unlike most shoot 'em ups, you go...

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    Virtual Console / TurboGrafx-16

    Review Digital Champ: Battle Boxing

    Digital Champ Battle Boxing is a first-person-perspective boxing title that plunges players into the raw intensity of the ring!

    When it was first released in 1989 Digital Champ caused quite a stir. Boxing games up to this point had been graphically modest affairs; Punch Out! was (and some would say, still is) the title of choice for prospective pugilists thanks to its entertaining gameplay, but..

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    Virtual Console / Sega Mega Drive

    Review Gley Lancer

    In the year 2025, a war breaks out between humans and a hostile alien race.

    The Virtual Console certainly isn’t short of 2D shooters. We’ve seen some excellent (and not so excellent) examples of the genre come and go, but most of the games we’ve experienced so far are retro classics and will have been familiar to fans already. Gley Lancer, on the other hand, might not ring any bells with you..

  • News Square-Enix Changes Its Mind About The Virtual Console?

    Highly respected Japanese developer Square-Enix has broken its silence regarding the lack of support for Nintendo’s Virtual Console service in a recent interview at the 2008 Game Developers Conference.

    Producer of WiiWare title Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King Toshihiro Tsuchida lifted the lid on why the company has been so...

  • News EU VC Releases - 16th May - Third Hanabi Festival Week

    If you're a shooter fan you're in real luck this week: There's two import shooters, and both of them are generally considered to be fantastic and some of the best the genre has to offer. There's also an import boxing game.

    The first import shooter this week is Star Parodier on the Turbografx. After Konami made a wacky spin-off of Gradius called Parodius, Hudson Soft got the idea to do the same, and..

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    Wii Virtual Console / TurboGrafx-16

    Review Star Parodier


    Star Parodier is not only one of the best cute'em-ups ever created, it's also one of the best shooters ever made as well. Combining sugary sweet visuals, a stunning musical score, and some of the most responsive play control ever found in a shooter, Star Parodier proves that video game spoofs can be every bit as good, if not better, than...

  • News Introducing WiiWare World

    The smell of change is in the air. On Monday 12th May the WiiWare service is launching in the USA. Will the world ever be the same again?

    To coincide with this momentous occasion it is with great pleasure that we can announce we will be launching a new site specifically dedicated to WiiWare (or Wii Software to Euro gamers!). Behold the future,...

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    Virtual Console / Neo Geo

    Review Metal Slug

    Overthrow General Morden and win back the stolen weapon!

    This game might be a bit redundant - seven of the games in the Metal Slug series were already released on the Wii in collective form as Metal Slug Anthology. However, none of the games on that disc allow for classic controller use, so if you desperately want to use it, then you have no choice...

  • News EU VC Releases - 9th May - Metal Slug and More Imports

    After last week's relatively good batch of games we honestly expected Nintendo would choose the least interesting upcoming imports to release this week. Thankfully we've been proven wrong - They only chose a single bad one, plus two good ones, and on top of that, we get a non-import game!

    Metal Slug needs no introduction amongst most hardcore gamers. The series is basically a wackier version of the..

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    Virtual Console / TurboGrafx-16

    Review Break In

    A bit of a break from the norm of Naxat Soft's other games.

    Break In could have been a great game where you could play a burglar trying to steal some precious jewels; instead it is pool game simulator. These games used to be ten a penny in the arcade halls of old so it is only fitting that some home conversions were made. I am no expert on the game of pool but there seems to be a fairly..

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    Virtual Console / TurboGrafx-16

    Review Cho Aniki

    Idaten or Benten are celestial warriors who are out to bring an end to the tyrannical rule of the emperor of Planet Builder.

    The Japanese are often accused of creating some seriously weird and wonderful videogames. While this reputation is often underserved (with games like Jet Set Willy, Western developers are just as guilty of producing bonkers titles), a few Eastern franchises do stick out as..

  • News Playtest: The Shaft Virtual Console joystick

    As old school gamers on Wii the only thing we missed was a joystick peripheral for that authentic arcade feel

    . Back in the days anyone who was serious about Street Fighter II on the SNES would have owned a Super Advantage joystick. The NEO GEO was famed for the quality of its joystick – indeed it was almost as big as the console itself. Why...

  • News Nintendo Channel for Wii now available in North America

    The Nintendo Channel, the interactive guide to Nintendo and Wii, has gone live in North America.

    The channel is built to host a collection of promotional material and information for recent releases and upcoming games. This will include trailers, documentaries, demo videos and future downloads. American Wii gamers were sent the following message to...

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    Wii Virtual Console / NES

    Review Renegade

    A beat-em-up best forgotten

    Technos' Double Dragon became a household name and River City Ransom gained rave reviews from all and sundry, but people often forget that the company also released Renegade on the NES, forming what many fans deem to be a classic trilogy of 8-bit fighting games. Sadly, Renegade is easily the worst of this trio. Although...

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    Virtual Console / Nintendo 64

    Review Pokémon Puzzle League

    Put your Pokémon-battling and puzzling skills to the test against the best Trainers in Puzzle League Village!

    Still waiting for Tetris Attack? Well, technically you don't have to wait any longer - Puzzle League is basically the same game with a different name. Tetris Attack, the SNES game, was a Westernized version of the Japanese game Panel de Pon, which starred its own cute cartoon characters..

  • News US VC Releases - 5th May - Pokemon Puzzle League

    So what wonderful games can you get your grubby mitts on this Monday? Prepared to be amazed as the Virtual Console is getting a new N64 game in the shape of Pokémon Puzzle League.

    For those not in the know Pokémon Puzzle League uses the exact same gameplay found in the old SNES and Game Boy title Tetris Attack. You're given a Tetris-like field full of coloured blocks, which you must arrange into..

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    Virtual Console / TurboGrafx-16

    Review Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou

    Two years after its last epic battle, the GRADIUS army recommissions the VIC VIPER super-dimensional warplane to combat the invasion of a new nemesis known as GOFER.

    This is an almost arcade-perfect port of the arcade version of Gradius II, which was also known as Vulcan Adventure. Konami made no compromises in choosing the PC Engine’s Super CD format to release this game on, and the music sounds..

  • News Star Parodier and other imports in the next Hanabi festival

    In today's Nintendo Europe news in a rare moment of transparency from Nintendo we now know what to expect from the next Hanabi festival:

    Over the coming weeks, you’ll also be able to enjoy other never-before-seen greats such as Gley Lancer (SEGA MEGA DRIVE), Cho Aniki (Muscle Brothers) (Turbografx), Puyo Puyo 2 (SEGA MEGA DRIVE) and Star Parodier (Turbografx), and more. All games will be..

  • News ESRB Update: EarthBound Finally Coming To Virtual Console!

    If you're familiar at all with the Mother series (Only the second game was released outside Japan, as EarthBound) you should know it's got an enormous cult following. In fact, EarthBound was the number one wanted VC game in the Nintendo Power poll just a few days ago! Fans have pleaded for Nintendo to release the other games in the series, Mother and Mother 3 in the West, or at least give the series some more attention, but to this day, their wishes still haven't been satisfied. That is all changing now - EarthBound has been rated by the ESRB, indicating that it will be released on the VC in the future.


  • News EU VC Releases - 2nd May - The Hanabi Festival Returns!

    Europeans who have had their Wii for a while will no doubt remember last September - Nintendo of Europe introduced a special "Hanabi Festival" dedicated to give us import game goodness. With games such as Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Mario's Super Picross and Sin and Punishment becoming available to us for the first time ever, who could refuse? Certainly not us!

    Well, it looks like..

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    Virtual Console / TurboGrafx-16

    Review Final Soldier

    Once again its your job to protect the Galactic Empire from an alien invasion using nothing but your trusty starfighter.

    There were basically three Star Soldier releases for the PC Engine/Turbografx-16 system, not counting the cute 'em up spin-off Star Parodier. Two of those releases, Super Star Soldier and Soldier Blade, saw a release in the US...

  • News Nintendo Wii hard drive coming soon?

    A recent press release from Nintendo makes interesting reading. In addition to news that the company's fortunes continue to soar there was also an interesting bit of information from company president Satoru Iwata in regards to the hot topic of the Wii's limited flash memory:

    Q6 I am personally enjoying WiiWare and Virtual Console but feel Wii’s...

  • News RPG Titles Dominate Nintendo Power’s Most Wanted List

    As we reported a while back, respected US magazine Nintendo Power recently asked Virtual Console fans to submit which games they would like to see on the service in the hope that it would make the Big N sit up and take notice. The results are now in and (unsurprisingly) SNES RPGs dominate.

    Here’s the reader’s top 5 most wanted: Earthbound (Super NES) Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars..


  • News South Korea gets their own Virtual Console

    Interestingly the Wii finally went on sale in South Korea for the first time yesterday on the 26th April. This wouldn’t normally be a news item for us but with the Wii launch comes a whole new Virtual Console region with different prices!

    Let’s take a look at the launch games as listed on the Korean Nintendo site: Famicom / NES (400 Wii...

  • News Bionic Commando NOT coming to the Virtual Console!

    Our pals at IGN, recently interviewed Capcom's Ben Judd on the upcoming PSN/XBLA remake of the original Bionic Commando Rearmed.

    This might not be of great interest if you only own a Wii console, but interestingly the interview managed to open a can of worms regarding the possibility of the NES version of Bionic Commando coming to the Virtual...

  • News US VC Releases - 28th April - Double Dragon

    Hot on the tails of River City Ransom from last week the theme of violence continues with the legendary Double Dragon on the NES punching its way to the Virtual Console.

    The NES version is a fun adaptation of the original arcade classic however there is no 2 player simultaneous option in the main game which is a crying shame (even the Master System...

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    Virtual Console / Commodore 64

    Review World Games

    Look out, world. Here we come!

    After the well received Summer and Winter Games, Epyx turned their attention to various events from around the globe and brought us World Games. As before, you have the choice of which events to play, and can compete with up to 8 players (each picking a country to represent). Only two of the eight events allow for simultaneous play, with players taking turns at the..

  • News Japanese Virtual Console list - May 2008

    None of them are true shockers

    Konami will be bringing out the big guns with Ganbare Goemon 2, the second SNES Goemon game. This one was never released outside Japan, despite arguably being one of the best games in the series, so we hope this becomes an import title! Shooter fans will be happy that Axelay, Gynoug, Super Fantasy Zone and Star...

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    Wii Virtual Console / NES

    Review Double Dragon

    Single Dragon

    Double Dragon is a classic NES game that was immensely popular in its day, so much so that it led to a string of sequels. Predictably the NES conversion of the arcade original made some compromises and changes to the game, so the question is whether it stands up well in the current day. In terms of differences from the arcade version,...

  • News EU VC Releases - 25th April - The Last Ninja

    It seems every two weeks we get a Commodore 64 week now - No complaints from us, especially when it means that we get The Last Ninja, an excellent action platformer/puzzler hybrid featuring an agile ninja with a whole assortment of weaponry. The game was incredibly well-received in its day, being the number one selling original creation on the Commodore 64.

    Accompanying it is World Games. In a..

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    Virtual Console / Commodore 64

    Review The Last Ninja

    The evil Shogun Kunitoki has long envied the powers of the Ninja brotherhood and would do anything to acquire their knowledge.

    Critically acclaimed at the time, and still praiseworthy today, The Last Ninja sees you exploring several superbly detailed environments on your quest to defeat the evil Kunitoki. Picking up weapons along the way, you...

  • News Top 20 'popular titles' on the Virtual Console - April 2008 (USA)

    Following last month’s look at the top 20 popular VC titles for the USA it is interesting to see how things have changed a month later. There are no surprises really, Americans can’t get enough of the old classics like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, they aren’t going anywhere!

    Games from non-Nintendo consoles are nowhere to be seen. Surely some Americans are downloading Genesis or TurboGrafx games!..

  • News Sega Fans Rejoice: Alex Kidd In Miracle World Is Coming

    It was the news that Sega fans all over the globe had been waiting for ever since the announcement that Master System games would be available on the Virtual Console.

    Ok, maybe not all Sega fans, but we were certainly hoping it would come true, and it has. Alex Kidd’s finest adventure is inbound. Sega’s forgotten mascot may have already made his Wii debut in the rather underwhelming Enchanted..