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Thu 22nd September, 2011

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MrMario02 commented on Diddy Kong Confirmed as the Latest New Challen...:

I like that Diddy kong was revealed, But Little Mac was revealed 1 WEEK AGO!!!!! AT THIS RATE BY E3 WE'LL HAVE A FULL ROSTER!!!!!!!!
EDIT: I think I know why now. the DKC:TF Release.
Diddy kong was playable
Donkey kong made a cameo as a bonus fighter in Punch Out!!(Wii)



MrMario02 commented on Video: Yoshi's New Island Trailer Shows Off Ve...:

Oh It's a new Build. There have been a few changes recently such as:
1. The "new" in the title was orange but it's now yellow (This is a Minor change but a noteworthy one)
2. In the original trailer, Yoshi eats a Big Shy Guy just like any ordinary one, But now, you have to pull back on the circle pad a few times to do so. EDIT: The Big Shy Guy now makes a violent scream when it comes out of the warp pipe.
3. When a Mega Egg is launched, it showed a picture of an old image of Yoshi's head. In the first trailer, it's a hand-drawn image from Yoshi's island DS but in others' it's one from Mario Games