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Thu 26th Feb 2009

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mogleum commented on Review: Gradius ReBirth (WiiWare):

So no controllable options like in Gradius V, I take it? I'll still probably get this since I'm a big Gradius fan, but I really liked that feature in the last game, even if it was a little cheap.



mogleum commented on Nintendo reveal Classic Controller PRO:

@Nanaki: Dreamcast emulation would be next to impossible on the Wii. Sure, SoA was ported to GCN with extras, but that's totally different. Now, it would be technically possible to port simpler, smaller games from Dreamcast to WiiWare, but I don't see the point. I mean, Chu Chu Rocket, Wetrix, Bust-a-Move (4), and Mr. Driller could all be suitable candidates, but it's much more worthwhile for them to just make a new game. At least they are with Mr. Driller.



mogleum commented on First Impressions: Mr. Driller World:

I'm a HUGE Mr. Driller fan. I even imported Drill Spirits from Europe because it had Dristone mode and an extra character. I'll definitely be getting this one if it comes to the U.S. Hell, I'm going to get this game no matter what.