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Mon 10th Nov 2008

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jayc4life commented on EarthBound:

@ Objection_Blaster (comment #79)

I'd be so stoked if that came to Europe. I'd be the first to buy it. I played Mother 2 (EB1) on an emulator but it's hard to enjoy a game when you don't have the control in your hands, you know? Keyboard gaming doesn't do it justice. Unless it's an FPS.

But if this makes it out in time for Christmas I'll be a very happy camper indeed.



jayc4life commented on International Karate:

In the original game on the C64, you could get 4 different backgrounds depending on which side the tape was loaded on, One had Sydney, London, Mount Fuji and some sort of Oriental shrine or something, and the other had Egyptian Pyramids, Rio de Janeiro, London and the Acropolis.

Is there any way to get the second 4 backgrounds on the Virtual Console, as I'm sure it's only the first 4 on there.

Still, I'd have paid maybe 1000 Wii Points just for this game. I still have it on the original tape (but my C64's busted), and i got this as soon as I got my Wii, along with +. Arguably the best beat-em ups I've ever played, and I think the only people that would disagree are people that grew up with Tekkens 3 or later.