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Wed 11th March, 2009

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A1234 commented on Veronica Mars Star Kristen Bell Reveals Her Fo...:

n64 in college? wow, she is younger than me. I had snes in college, couldn't live without. no time to play games? come on. that is what casual games are for. video games are good for the mind, body(?) and soul.



A1234 commented on Review: Rusty's Real Deal Baseball (3DS eShop):

great game so far! I got the first 2 games for $2 each. how do you get games to be $1 and can all of them be $1? pretty much when the pup says to stop haggling I do, but wondering if you should stop then and if it is truly at the lowest price?



A1234 commented on The Videogame History Museum's GDC Nintendo Ex...:

all 3 founders of Videogame History Museum and great guys! I frequent Sean's store and it is amazing! if I ever make it to New Jersey I will for sure go to Joe's store. I met Joe and John at Sean's store for his collectors' parties at his store. also note they are the organizers of Classic Gaming Expo held in Las Vegas. I still need to make it there!



A1234 commented on Ninterview: TriForce Johnson - A Journey From ...:

if Nintendo World was in Chicago and if I didn't have a job, I would also be "from gamemaster to first in line." ;) I retired from competitive gaming (have many Atari world records; I am in Guinness; and will be in the video game hall of fame/museum in ottumwa iowa if they ever build it). Triforce is a great guy! this is great!



A1234 commented on Play: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate With Nintendo ...:

great time playing with CJ, Everly, etc. thanks CJ for all of the tips and the help. first time I cracked open that game. sadly, after I left for the armory it looks like it disconnected the game. I might be back on in a few hours. had great fun. cheers!



A1234 commented on Guest Blog: Shut up! Nothing is Wrong With The...:

Nintendo games should stay on Nintendo systems. if Nintendo should release Nintendo games also on non-Nintendo systems, then Microsoft and Sony should release their games on Nintendo systems, right? imagine that. that reminds me when there was an attachment made for Colecovision to play Atari 2600 games. and yes, Nintendo should continue to make consoles. of all of the companies they are the greatest inventors.



A1234 commented on Ninterview: Stepping Into The Nintendo Arcade:

I don't understand those who have these big arcade collections. they take up so much room, cost so much money to purchase/up keep/fix/restore/electricity, etc when you can have the same game in a video game collection with a bunch of other games or on m.a.m.e., etc for very little money and most likely will never fail. but, if you have the space and the money it is pretty cool to have multiple arcade machines in your home. it is like an interactive museum. :)



A1234 commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

miiverse works. eshop does not.
that is a relief. at first I thought Nintendo was doing some sort of Christmas day update. then I thought it was my router. hopefully it gets fixed sometime today. I got Pac-Man for Wii U today for Christmas. now I want to buy/download the 3DS version that is on sale which ends today. come on eshop/nintendo!
high amount of traffic/new users?! that sounds like the Obamacare website not nintendo. what is up with these servers that can't handle the traffic?! it seems like amazon never has issues with traffic.



A1234 commented on Nintendo of America Keen to Boost StreetPass P...:

this Streetpass weekend was amazing! unfortunately I was only able to get out once due to the weather, but when I did I got 10 people from all over North America, plus a few all over the world and even some in Canada, all in one hit. that was great! I normally get 3-5 people and normally the same people. Nintendo, please default this 24 hrs.