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  • News Super Mario Run Has Made Just Over $60 Million To Date

    Mama Mia

    Once upon a time, people said Nintendo would never make smartphone apps, and the company itself seemed rather uninterested in the prospect. Nowadays, it’s a different story, and the company considers it a realm of the market worth investing in with small titles to entice new users into the Nintendo ecosystem. The first release, Miitomo,...





  • News Super Mario Run is Now Live on Android

    It's all in hand

    Now Android users that happen to be Mario fans can 'play with one hand', as Nintendo likes to say with regards to Super Mario Run - just make sure you get hold of a hamburger before you start playing. Previously announced for 23rd March - which it is at the time of writing in territories like Japan and Australia - it's gone live a...

  • News Super Mario Run Is Finally Coming To Android Next Week

    At long last!

    Super Mario Run has been available on iOS for quite some time now, but Android users have had to endure quite a painful wait for the Italian plumber's debut smartphone adventure. An Android launch window of March was confirmed some time ago, but the majority of the month has passed without any confirmed release date - until now, that...