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  • News Suda51 Teases E3 Reveal With Intriguing Character Art

    No More Heroes 3? Something entirely different?

    Goichi 'Suda51' Suda, director of games such as No More Heroes, Killer7, and Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes on Nintendo Switch, has given us the first tease of something new set to appear during E3 next week. We've known that he's been planning on sharing something during the time of the event...














  • News Suda51 Would Love To Revisit Killer7 At Some Point

    "It’s up to Capcom to allow something like this"

    Killer7 was one of the fabled "Capcom Five", a selection of titles that the Japanese publisher pledged would be exclusive to the GameCube. As we all know, that claim didn't last long; out of the five, only P.N.03 remained Nintendo-only, with Dead Phoenix being canned in 2003 and the remaining three...


  • News Suda51 Isn't Done With No More Heroes and Travis Touchdown

    More No More Heroes please

    Were you a fan of Travis Touchdown's beam katana slashing action in No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle on the Wii? Both titles were interesting arrives on the system, with their adult humour and different censorship per region - the blood was edited out of the first game in Europe, for example. Series...




  • News Suda51: "Nintendo Are Always Very Important To Us"

    Sees the rise of indie games as the highlight of the current generation

    Suda51 (or Goichi Suda as he’s known to his mum), the mastermind behind titles such as No More Heroes, Killer7 and Lollipop Chainsaw, hasn’t released a game on a Nintendo home console since No More Heroes 2 for the Wii in 2010. However, Grasshopper Manufacture’s CEO hasn't...


  • News Suda51 Is "Always Up To The Idea" Of Revisiting No More Heroes

    So, when's it happening?

    Back in March this year, word got out that Grasshopper Manufacture was hard at work on a brand new game. Rumour spread across the internet that the studio was set to revisit the No More Heroes franchise after its CEO Goichi Suda - know to many by the name of Suda51 - teased the developer's new game. Suda put a stop to the...


  • News Suda51's Upcoming Project is Not No More Heroes 3

    It's set to be a new franchise

    A couple of weeks ago we reported on Grasshopper Manufacture's next project, which was teased by the studio's CEO Goichi Suda - known by many as Suda51. All that was revealed was new concept artwork, which featured a female protagonist who looks a lot like Shinobu - one of the assassins from the No More Heroes series...


  • Rumour Suda51 Set To Revisit No More Heroes

    Grasshopper Manufacture teases its next project

    Grasshopper Manufacture has been hard at work developing Killer is Dead, which will be released later this year on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. That hasn't stopped the studio's CEO Goichi Suda - more commonly known as Suda51 - from teasing his next game, though. In an interview with Famitsu, the...


  • News Suda51 Still Waiting for His Wii U Dev Kit

    Must be a problem with the post office...

    The Wii U controller may have given Suda 51 ideas for No More Heroes 3, but the eccentric head of Grasshopper Manufacture is still waiting for a development kit to call his own. Speaking to Nintendo Life's Jon Wahlgren this past weekend, Suda revealed he's not even sure he'll be working on Nintendo's new...



  • News Suda51 Talks About No More Heroes 3, 3DS Game Ideas and More

    Find out what qualities are important to him as a game designer

    When you have an unorthodox game designer like Goichi Suda and a wonder machine like the 3DS that's sure to ignite a few sparks in developers' creative minds, we as consumers could very well be in for a treat. The CEO at Grasshopper Manufacture, more commonly known as Suda51, recently...


  • News Suda 51 Interested in Killer7 Sequel, No Plans for NMH3

    Travis's story done but perhaps Harman Smith's isn't

    Our good friends over at Cubed3 recently snagged an interview with Suda51 of No More Heroes fame, probing him about any upcoming projects on the horizon from his Grasshopper Manufacture team. Although he didn't confirm any new projects he did lay down some tantalising hints, including his desire...

  • News What Does Suda51 Want to Make for the 3DS?

    New handheld giving the unconventional game designer plenty of ideas

    Goichi Suda, the crazy person responsible for killer7, No More Heroes and Flower, Sun and Rain, welcomes the unconventional with open arms. He's got some stuff brewing in the back of his mind for the Vitality Sensor, and now, with another mysterious and unconventional piece of Nintendo hardware on the horizon, his mind must be..

  • News Mikami and Suda51's "Mad Genius Horror" Game 50% Complete

    Collaboration still working hard, but secretly

    A few years ago, the creators of Killer7 and Resident Evil got together and decided to start work on a game. But what genre should this new game enter into? Well, according to EA's David DeMartini, it's "mad genius in the horror genre." Although Mr DeMartini didn't reveal much else about the...


  • News Suda51 Refers To No More Heroes 3 as a Bodily Function, Of Course

    Travis Touchdown's stories weren't the only things that came thick and fast

    Grasshopper Manufacture has successfully established itself as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to developing compelling games with stylistic artistry. It also seems that the studio's CEO, Goichi Suda, possesses the same kind of flair when articulating his perception of video games. Speaking to The Guardian, the..


  • News Suda51 Keen on Making Game With Nintendo

    Would be "very interested" if the opportunity arose

    When you think about it, Nintendo games are ****ing crazy insane. You've got foxes and amphibians piloting starships, pink shapeshifting blobs, and space bounty hunters more focused on eradicating entire species and blowing up planets than collecting bounties. Not to mention Italian plumbers from...



  • News Suda 51: I'd Love Travis Touchdown to Star in Smash Bros.

    Designer has big plans for No More Heroes character

    No More Heroes was a proper hoot, with intense action, twisted humour and some serious Otaku love. The sequel is inbound, and its creator is hoping that lead Travis Touchdown will go on to become an even bigger star than he is now. No More Heroes designer and Grasshopper Manufacture head Goichi Suda (AKA: Suda 51) had this to say: I love him..

  • News No More Heroes Outgrowing Wii

    Creator says next game will need a new platform.

    Grasshopper's stylish No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle promises to be a bigger and badder game than its predecessor, but where does it go from there? Speaking to Edge, series creator Suda51 explained some of his plans for the currently Wii-exclusive franchise's future: I really want to make NMH a...