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  • Parent Trap I Really Miss The Nintendo Wii

    Family Gamer's Andy Robertson remembers the good old days of waggle

    Parents are notoriously bad for being sentimental. Whether it’s watching Monty Python, playing Tetris on the Game Boy or buying sweets by the ounce, I often catch myself getting more excited about introducing my children to the things I loved from my childhood than actually...





  • Parent Trap Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Gets Personal

    Family Gamer's Andy Robertson gets asked some probing Poké-questions

    Creating games for children is tricky because it's the small things that make the biggest difference. My kids often get as much fun from unintended consequences of the main game as they do completing the campaign. I've been reminded of this while playing Pokémon Super Mystery...




  • Parent Trap Does The Wii U Still Make Sense For Families?

    Andy Robertson takes a family-focused look at Nintendo's console

    Choosing a videogame console for a family is a big decision. Get it right and you'll bring a positive experience into the home that matches how you play games together. Get it wrong and you'll be constantly looking over your shoulder at the experience you could have had on another...







  • Parent Trap The Eyes Have It, Why amiibo Detail Matters

    Family Gamer's Andy Robertson on why amiibo is such a hit in his house

    Spending an afternoon unboxing Wave 2 amiibo figures got my boys more than a little excited, but along with the frenzied Christmas joy they quickly latched on to just how detailed these toys are. We first caught up with Wave 1 amiibos Yoshi, Donkey Kong and Peach before getting...

  • Parent Trap amiibo Packs a Hidden Family Payload

    More than meets the eye

    Toys and video games used to compete for family spending power at supermarket check-outs. The recent trend in toy-video-game crossovers does away with this rivalry, but for families makes purchasing decisions all the more confusing. With amiibo joining the likes Skylanders and Disney Infinity (not to mention more niche...






  • Parent Trap Wii Fit U Accepts Our Varied Bodies

    Family Gamer's Andy Robertson has another look at Nintendo's fitness title

    Video games reflect wider society’s desire for the perfect body. Having children only presses this issue home and means I’m pickier about the shape of our video-game protagonists. However, I have been happily surprised then to see how Wii Fit U handles this. Rather than...




  • Parent Trap The Wii Is Still Crucial To Family Game Success

    Andy Robertson (not pictured) on why Nintendo's old console is still vital

    While core players slowly turn their attention to the next generation of consoles, families are still getting a lot of value from the Wii. Families don’t buy as many games for their gaming systems as other demographics — the long tail of family gaming habits means that...

  • Parent Trap Nintendo 2DS Family Stress Test

    Family Gamer's Andy Robertson takes a look at the 2DS

    With the 2DS fast approaching I've had some hands on time with the device. Rather than waxing lyrical over the perfectly crafted design (or indeed bemoaning the cheese-like profile) I wanted to put the console to the test in a real family setting. So I set-up another of my time-lapse battery...