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  • News Official Nintendo Magazine Announces Closure in the UK

    All staff to be relocated to other roles

    Nintendo UK and publisher Future have confirmed that the next issue of Official Nintendo Magazine — known affectionately as ONM among fans — will be the last. In an official statement it's been confirmed that issue 114 on 14th October will be the concluding release, while the magazine's website and social...

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  • News Get Your First Look at Black Ops Campaign Mode on Wii

    Updated: Campaign and multiplayer footage

    There's been close to radio silence on Call of Duty: Black Ops for Wii, but now the game is available in the wild the first direct feed footage of the campaign mode has arrived courtesy of Official Nintendo Magazine. The 18-rated footage focuses on a three-man team attempting to take down Fidel Castro in a hideout. Graphically the game doesn't look too bad..