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  • Video The Most Memorable Issues of Nintendo Power

    Now you're playing with power

    Nintendo Power magazine, the official monthly publication of Nintendo of America, was discontinued to the disappointment of fans across the U.S. in 2012. Since then, loyal readers have reminisced about the magazine's history, and avid collectors have sought to compile their own library of Nintendo Power history. In the...






  • News Shantae And The Pirate's Curse Announced For 3DS

    Your wish has been granted

    Brace yourselves, WayForward fans - the latest edition of Nintendo Power magazine (second to last, we should say) features the announcement of the 3DSWare title Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse on the front cover of the magazine, and is a direct sequel to Shantae: Risky's Revenge. Not too much information has been given...


  • News Reggie Fils-Aime: "The Nintendo Power Brand is Very Strong"

    Struggles of the print industry to blame for closure

    For loyal readers of Nintendo Power, or perhaps just those that have fond memories of reading it in their youth, the December issue will be the last print copy to enjoy. Perhaps unlike any other website or magazine closures in recent years this is undeniably one that can be directly traced to...


  • News Nintendo Power Magazine Will End With December Issue

    Nintendo issues confirmation

    Yesterday we brought you the news that Nintendo Power magazine was set to be shut down, and today Nintendo has confirmed the reports. The short statement clarifies that the magazine will continue until a final issue currently planned for December. We can confirm that the December issue of Nintendo Power magazine will...

  • News Nintendo Power Magazine Looks Set to Shut Down

    Could be the end of an era

    Update: The tweet quoted below, from Nintendo Power senior editor Chris Hoffman, has since been deleted, as have a number of others sharing a similar message. As always and as promised in the original article below, we will report any official updates from Nintendo and Future Publishing. Original Article In a surprising...


  • News First Details of de Blob: The Underground Revealed

    Nintendo Power gets first look at sparkly sequel

    De Blob was pretty special: smart design, a great atmosphere and a huge amount of fun mark it out as one of the Wii's finest titles. When THQ announced it would be bringing the title back for a release in 2011 we all had a smile on our collective faces, and now the first small details have surfaced we're even happier. In development for Wii as well..


  • News The Conduit 2 Revealed in May Nintendo Power

    SEGA back on-board to publish a second outing for Agent Ford

    According to IGN and a few other places, High Voltage Software's Conduit sequel has an 8-page spread in upcoming May edition of Nintendo Power. Official (confirmed) details are thin on the ground at the moment, but we do know that SEGA is set to publish the title in the US and Europe. We've heard the online play will be enhanced, with far..


  • News Nintendo Power Unwittingly Reveals Wii 2

    ...only to discover that it has fallen foul of a cheap Photoshop trick

    Those of you lucky enough to get Nintendo Power magazine on a regular basis may have been shocked to see an image in the latest issue bearing the Wii 2 logo. The photo of a Wii Remote - which was used to illustrate an item regarding Netflix - seemed to confirm the impending arrival of Nintendo's latest home console. However,..


  • News Shantae Sequel, For Serious This Time?

    WayForward Tweet refers to big announcement via Nintendo Power.

    GoNintendo is reporting that our genie-related prayers may be answered soon. The long-teased and seemingly forgotten sequel to 2002's Game Boy Color title Shantae might be closer than we think. It all began with the lastest issue of Nintendo Power, which promised the reveal of a DSiWare...



  • News You're Gonna Need Wii MotionPlus To Enjoy Red Steel 2

    Ubisoft makes its high-profile sequel dependant on the new add-on

    The original Red Steel was a great idea that was sadly let down by a terrible control system. While people were quick to blame Ubisoft for coming up with such a half-baked concept, the latest news regarding the sequel might shed some light on why the previous game was so poor: the Wii's control system just wasn't accurate enough..


  • News Nintendo Power Reveals New Red Steel 2 Artwork

    Game to showcase a Wild West theme?

    US magazine Nintendo Power has published some new imagery from Ubisoft's upcoming Red Steel 2. The new artwork appears to show some kind of katana-welding cowboy. The images shown so far are merely snippets from the final print magazine, and we'll have to wait until the physical issue hits the news stands before...

  • News Silent Hill Wii-make Will Make You Wet Your Pants All Over Again

    Konami lifts the lid on a radical re-imagining of a horror classic

    The latest issue of US magazine Nintendo Power has exclusive details relating to Konami's rumoured remake of its 32-bit Playstation horror classic Silent Hill. Entitled Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, the game will make use of the Wii's unique controls and according to Konami producer Tomm Hulett, it's going to be much more than..


  • News Wii MotionPlus Set For July Release?

    EA certainly seem to think so

    Leading US magazine Nintendo Power has recently published a short preview of EA’s upcoming Grand Slam Tennis and nestled within the text is this comment: Thomas Singleton (EA) and his Vancouver-based team hope to take things to the next level, thanks in no small part to the Wii MotionPlus accessory (due out prior to Grand Slam’s release). The clever chaps over at..


  • News Is WayForward's LIT Going To Light Up Our Lives Soon?

    Before the WiiWare service kicked off back in May we picked up on a whole list of games, some which finally came out such as Plattchen and others which just seem to be in development hell like Gravitronix. WayForward Technologies were another company who let a few things slip on their future intentions with a interesting sounding title called LIT and a remake of their Game Boy Color game Shantae. After that there was silence!

    The silence has finally been broken as this month’s Nintendo Power features some exclusive info about LI...


  • News Mega Man 9 Is Coming To WiiWare In Retro Style

    Time to rejoice! As you might remember, a while ago we mentioned that Mega Man 9 had received an OFLC rating. We did not know the platform at the time, but speculated it could very well be a WiiWare release due to Capcom's traditionally strong support of Nintendo. The upcoming issue of Nintendo Power confirms our suspicions - Mega Man 9 is indeed heading to WiiWare.

    According to an interview in the..


  • News RPG Titles Dominate Nintendo Power’s Most Wanted List

    As we reported a while back, respected US magazine Nintendo Power recently asked Virtual Console fans to submit which games they would like to see on the service in the hope that it would make the Big N sit up and take notice. The results are now in and (unsurprisingly) SNES RPGs dominate.

    Here’s the reader’s top 5 most wanted: Earthbound (Super NES) Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars..


  • News Nintendo Power Poll - What Games Do You Want To See?

    American magazine Nintendo Power is running a poll to determine which retro titles Virtual Console players would most like to see on the service. Once the results are in the magazine will publish the Top 100 most requested titles.

    Here's the request as it appears in the magazine: What classic games do you want to see come to Virtual Console? Send us up to five picks (only for systems currently..


  • News Original Smash Bros Coming to VC?

    The eagerly awaited Wii release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl may have been delayed slightly but fans are busy filling the time from now until March by getting all excited about the possibility of the original N64 game making its way to the Virtual Console.

    The cause of this excited chatter is the latest issue of Nintendo Power, which apparently features intense speculation on the subject (hardcore..